Dr Lerner' Antiviral Method: Helping..Hurting..Curing anyone???

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  1. buckman

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    Hi: Just found this board.

    Been ill since fall 1990.

    Last 4-5 years struggked with cardiac symptoms...low Ejectin fraction etc.

    Gave up uears ago trying to address CFS disease as doctors so lame and the disease so depressing. Have managed to work and get by..actually have done some good work. Bur cardio problems are getting big.

    So...hit the books again and now discover in my absence that dilated cardiomyopathy seems to be the norm to the CFS disease. Good to have a focus and something objective to point at.

    But I feel awful! So...the books show that a A Martin Lerner has spent the last few years getting a patent on his methodolgy of fixing this disease of the heart ia long term anti virals.

    Has Anyone:
    1. gone to see him

    2. What does he do???? (tests etc)

    3. Been treated

    4. Been helped/hurt

    ANY info appreciated!!!

  2. victoria

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    up again!

  3. LittleBluestem

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    Search by Username on Greyzak, Rigdon006, Rzgtn5 and TomF. These are board members who have been to Dr. Lerner.