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    Could somebody tell me who Dr. Lerner is and where he/she is located? What city and state? Also what is Valcyte and what is it used for? What diagnosis (fibro, CFS, or something else and if so what is the something else?). Thankyou! This site has made me feel alot more validated with my pain and diagnosis just by knowing there are other people out there going through the same thing that I am going through! Now I know I am not a hyperchondriac or lazy etc... for several years I obsessed over my symptoms and thought for sure that I was just lazy, or out of shape, or trying to convince myself that the pain wasn't really that bad! Now I realize that I am not nuts, or crazy, or a hyperchondriac or lazy! My work history also shows my downhill slide. I went from making excellent money and working full time and overtime as a single mother to now I cannot even stand for more than a few minutes of time without hurting! Thankyou for giving me my peace of mind back and the ability to trust myself again with the knowledge of what my body is telling me!
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    dr. lerner is an infection disease and internal medicine doctor in beverly hills, michigan. he specializes in treating the type of CFS/FM that was triggered by EBV (mononucleosis) infection. he believes chronic viral infections involving EBV, CMV, and HHV6 are the main causes of CFS and FM but various bacterial infections can also be involved.

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    Hey thanks for posting who is Dr. Lerner ?

    I also had seen this name in many posts here and wondered who is Dr. Lerner
    so now i know.------ Thanks


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