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    Hi, I used to post on the Fibro/ CFS boards a long time ago. My user name was, and is, luvdogs. Anyway, Dr. Liegner is now my doctor. He seems really good. I just started antibiotics under his care. Yikes! So we're allowed to use doctor names on this board? On the NC Lyme group, we are not allowed to say the name of a Lyme Literate doctor. We have to say "LLMD," or "my LLMD."
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    But if the doctor has a website their name is already out there! So even I am confused about the rules.
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    Generally I agree, it's not a good idea to state a Dr. name, but NY has passed a law that allows Lyme Dr.s to treat how they want, and are safe from these attacks. Dr. Liegner has an extensive website, as does Dr. Cameron. Any doc that has these extensive Lyme websites are not afraid of The Powers That Be.
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