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  1. quanked

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    Wasn't there an area on this board that had a list of recommended MDs arranged by city and state?

    Is it here somewhere and I just cannot see it? Or did I just imagine it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Elisa

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    Here it is about halfway down:


  3. quanked

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    Thanks so much. I found it.

    But I was looking for you! I saw that you live in Rocky River, Ohio. Then I found that it is near Cleveland. I just knew that being near a metropolitan area that there would be a number of choices. Not so.

    I read your post about swallowing and the insensitive medical help you have. And... your not so kind family. They just do not have a clue. I was sorry to read this. My family of origin is not in my life but they were jerks long before getting these dd's.

    For now my son, who is in his mid-thirties, lives here with my husband and me. He does not understand these dd's but he is pretty helpful. My husband went up to Edmonton, Alberta to work so I am very grateful that he is around.

    I wanted to help you if possible. I do not have a dr. that deals with CFIDS/FM really so I cannot even advise you on what to look for in a dr for these dd's. I think the dr. I see now gave me some Lyrica but it did not help. I live in a town about the size of yours but I live nowhere near any large city.

    It seeems that living near a big city is no gaurantee of good doctors.

    There was only one dr. listed in your area. I figure that you must be aware of this dr. given that you know how to find the list : )

    I fantasize about moving to Reno--I use to go there regularly. It is only about 5 hours away. The climate is not too different from what I am use to.
    I want to see a doc related to the WPI.

    Your current situation sounds difficult to say the least. Have you seen other drs.? Is it possible for you to find another dr.?

    I hope that you are able to find another and better dr. You are not alone.

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