dr lowe metabolic treatment(t3/t4) for fibromyalgiainfo please

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    im 20 years old male from israel who got diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago.
    since then i had pains all over.

    i heared about the metabolic treatment a year and half ago, but as being a soldier her, had no real option of going to a good doc.

    i finally ordered hydrocortisone and t3 a month ago.
    i started hydrocortisone and since day 3 with only something like 5 mg of hydrocortisone i felt great!! i thought, here im going to be well in a few months.
    after 10 days i added the t3 in verylow dosage(12.5 mcg), but got worse.
    been told i should add more hydro.... etc long story short, i stopped for the moment, and the most t3 i took was 25(very very low indeed).

    i feel pretty bad with pains again at the moment, and i truely believe in this metabolic treatment.
    i found it hard to get dr lowe book for the moment, but want to show to a doc exactly what is the treatment.

    i would really really appreciate if those who know the treatment first hand, would tell me more or less how to do it, how to start and how to dose in a few words.
    what levels of t3 i should take before feeling good from the t3?? should you take hydrocortisone with it also??

    does dr lowe looks at tests for dosing, or only symptoms?

    i would appreciate any information, hopefully getting the book soon.