dr lowe metabolic treatmentwho knows it deeply??

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    im interesting in dr lowe treatment.
    unfortunatly, i just cant get his book and see the exact treatment.
    also i didnt find a protocol in his site, which isnt very nice.. ("buy my book and you will get the exact protocol).
    im asking for the protocol in a few lines.

    im not interested in "use t3", but the exact stages if anyone has the book.

    what do we try first?
    armour thyroid first? then if its not working we add t3 only to the armour? or use another thyroid medicne other then armour?
    what is the starting dosage and by how many we increase it.

    i really want those who know the treatment deeply, or has the book about fibromyalgia and can look.

    it will help alot of us.

    please dont tell me "search t3" because i did, and im looking for -exact- or similar to his protocol, to show my doc line by line.

    i will appreciate any help,.
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    My specialist doctor ( who is brilliant - and I am very sceptical re. doctors based on some very bad experiences) is using Lowe's approach on me. It's not easy and does need an expert to monitor each patient. It is also slow, specially if you are very sickl.

    Unfortunately, there is no set protocol in a few lines. In general, each patient has to work through a series of stages and, at each stage, there is a lot of testing done to check progress.

    I have had cfs for over 8 years and am totally disabled. It has taken my specialist over 4 years to get me to the stage I am at now. Firstly, he had to fix my estrogen, progesterone testerone levels, which were totally out of kilter. This took over a year using natural progesterone cream and other natural gentle things.

    After that, I proved to react badly to even really low levels of T3 and T4, even though conventional thyroid tests showed me to be normal, and so we had to investigate my adrenal function - which was almost nonexistent. I tried adrenal extracts for about 6 months, but they did nothing and so I agreed to try cortisol. We had to work on getting those levels up to normal by vit D3 and cortisol, starting on 1/16 of a tablet in liquid spread over a week as well as rhodiola herbs. My body was extremely sensitive. This took about a year to get the levels up. At the same time, tests shows that my gut function was shot and so I have been taking kefir and pancreatic enzymes for over a year.

    Now, we are just starting on a compound medication consisting of a small amount of cortisol and t3 and t4 tailored to my needs based on 24 hour urine tests, saliva tests, blood tests. I have also had to have poo tests - you don't want to know!!!!!!!! I also have to take my temperature 3 times daily and keep all sorts of records.

    As you can see, it is a long, and not cheap, process. I believe I am heading in the right direction and no other doctor has been able to help me - they have all put me in the too hard basket.

    I do not want to tell you what to do but you might need to consider finding a supplementary doctor/specialist to use in conjunction with your own doctor.

    An endrocrinologist might be able to help but as Lowe says, his methods are not conventional and not accepted by lots of other 'experts'. Good luck with your search.

    Considering how I feel now compared to 2 years ago, I really believe it is worth making the effort to find someone who knows what to do. My own GP dislikes the whole idea because she does not see it as acceptable/conventional - but time will tell.