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  1. iglvr

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    I just signed up for this message board because I was looking for someone who has tried Dr. Lowe's treatment. I saw this website is one you all are familiar with, but not whether anyone has actually tried it. I am strongly considering it, but due to the cost would really like some positive feedback first if I can get it.

  2. Mikie

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    I haven't tried his treatment. I'm a little leary of it. Geez, his book is almost $100. He practices in my hometown of Boulder, CO and I hate to say it, but Boulder attracks a lot of really strange people.

    I have yet to hear of anyone who has gotten well after spending tons of money with "experts" in our illnesses. I believe Dr. Cheney is truly an expert in CFIDS, but it costs about $6,000 for a complete workup and again, I have heard of no one who has gotten well under his treatment.

    I try to learn what these docs recommend and take the treatments to my own doc for consideration. My doc did put me on Synthroid even though my labs were in the normal range. It has helped me with energy and my labs even improved.

    Love, Mikie
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    dont know anything about him just want to bump this back to the top so others who may have missed it can see it
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    I tend to be leary of MDs and researchers who's first priority is " where's the money ".
  5. Elvira

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    First of all, to Jaysea, let me say that Dr. Lowe is not an MD - he's actually a chiropractor.

    Now, to iglvr, I have had a phone consultation with Dr. Gina Lowe, Dr. Lowe's wife, who works with him in his practice treating fibro patients. It cost me $3 a minute, but I limited the call to 15 mins. to keep the cost down. She packed a lot of info into that short call. She gave me a website where I can order dessicated thyroid on-line and it is not expensive at all - $16.99 for 90 capsules. I ordered some yesterday. She told me that their office does offer monitoring once every 2 wks. or once a month, at $75 each time. I may try the monitoring once or twice just to get me going, then handle it on my own, since I think I understand what to look for well enough. If I encounter any difficulties along the way, I can always email their office or call for additional assistance. Otherwise, I'm pretty much going to try this on my own. I will keep you posted on what my results are with this treatment and if I get better I will certainly recommend it!

  6. Mikie

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    Ordering meds, especially hormones, online without a doc monitoring and running lab tests is scary, but I'm afraid, it's a sign of the times. Thyroid is nothing to be messing around with unless a doctor is involved.

    Our hormones are complicated and interconnected. Messing around with one can affect the others. I use OTC Hgh, but my PCP is aware of it. I am also on Synthroid which my PCP prescribed, and he runs lab tests to ensure that it's at the appropriate dose.

    If you are going to do this, please inform your doc and have him or her monitor your progess.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Elvira

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    We fibro sufferers are left with little choice when MDs refuse to give us the treatment we request. I'm sure how yourself know how frustrating that can be. That's why I am using the assistance of Dr. Lowe and company. However, my MD will be aware of it when I begin treatment. Maybe if he realizes how determined I am to pursue this, with or without him, he will go ahead and do the treatment for me - but I sincerely doubt it. If there is something out there that offers the possibility of less pain in my life without life-threatening consequences, I'm going to look into it. I can't life for the rest of my life with the levels of pain I have.
  8. Mikie

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    I'm glad you are going to inform your doc. I see soooooo much frustration and desperation here because our docs are either ignorant of our illnesses and/or unwilling to try treatments. I do think we need to keep looking until we find docs willing to help us.

    I am lucky in that my doc, who admits he knows very little about CFS/FMS, is willing to work with me. Every time I have an appt., I take in material I have downloaded for him. I highlight and annotate it for him. He is building a library.

    He will try anything which he doesn't deem dangerous and which has the potential to help. That's the key, evaluating and monitoring the risk(s). We have enough problems without making things worse.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Elvira

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    You are very fortunate that you have such a wonderful doctor who is open minded enough to consider the different options for treatment out there. I myself have printed out and brought reference material to my last three doctors, and I know the first two didn't pay any attention to it at all. The one I have now I think has looked it over and at least was willing to give me something a little stronger for my pain, but he is of the mindset that thyroid (metabolic) treatment is a placebo effect. I am trying hard to convince him otherwise. I know from all the posts I have read from people who take the right type of thyroid meds, that is is immensely helpful in treating the symptoms of this disease. There is another poster on this board who lives nearby me (whom I met to strike up a friendship!) who goes to this same doc. She said if this treatment helps me that she will ask him for it, too. She thinks maybe together we can convince him to give it a try. Seems like many doctors feel this is an unorthodox treatment method and are afraid of malpractice issues. I would happily sign a release form for him, holding him harmless, if he would prescribe this treatment. Like so many of us, my thyroid tests came back normal, but my body temp remains low - never above 98.2 and usually around 96.8, which is an obvious sign of thyroid disfunction.

    I wish I could find a local doctor who was willing to "experiment" a little with treatment options. It would only take 2 or 3 months to know if I would respond to the thyroid therapy. It is so frustrating going from doctor to doctor and not getting anywhere. If anyone knows of a Charlotte, NC doctor who will prescribe this therapy, let me know, please. Otherwise, I am going to follow my original plan - to get the meds myself, use Dr. Lowe's office for guidance, and let my doctor know what I plan to do. I will place additional posts here to update on my progress with this treatment plan.

    Thanks for your concern and all the information you offer to us. I don't know of any other place than this board that I feel so much support and such a comfort level with in fighting this DD.

  10. Mikie

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    Many docs familiar with our illnesses believe the "normal" range on thyroid tests is way too liberal. As I have mentioned before, I tested in the normal range but exhibited symptoms of hypothyroidism. After three months, my labs were even more normal and three months after that were better yet. My doc is convinced.

    He didn't believe that giving me the lowest dose, 25 mcgms., was dangerous. It's just enough to make me feel a little better. If I miss a dose, I notice it.

    Good luck and BTW, we have a lot of people near the Charlotte area. You might post under another heading and ask for referrals.

    Love, Mikie