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    I have read some of your posts. You made reference that the micro electric item costing $900 plus $135 for training of it, in the long run is cheaper then medications. I just wanted to help you understand that for the majority of us coming up with $1000 upfront is near impossible.

    The majority of us have either lost jobs, homes, spouses, gone without meds, or other basic necessities. Now I understand that you feel like you haven't advertised for this machine. You have given some really good info but you have to admit you would make a very good commercial for the makers of that machine.

    So if you really want to help us, convince that company to give it to FM/CFS patients at a dramatic discount. After all they are getting free advertising. Thanks for your help, Jenn
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    I agree with you jenn_c, I toally agree with you. I don't have the money to have treatments that cost over $10.00 let alone over $900.00. I have ins but it covers only so much and treatments such as Dr.?Micheal suggested are out of the question.
    I agree with you that we need help with money for the treatments like Dr. M suggested as well as other treatments , meds, tests, ER vists and more.
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