Dr. Mikovits XMRV Videos

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ProHealth, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Videos from the January 22nd Dr. Mikovits XMRV Presentation and Q&A are now online.

    Please visit:


    - ProHealth
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    For me it was not very informative. We all have been waiting to see some development.

    The next thing will be that they needed money for research. Sadly, we also need money to survive.

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    All that I need to know is that anti-xmrv drugs are in the works. The faster they are made, the better. That process is apparently slow, if you're the one waiting for the help.

    This is the main point that really matters: when will those drugs be ready? All else is still just addressing on-going maintenance; trying to stay healthy when we feel almost dead.

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    Thank you so much for posting this and helping us out so much in educating us and in coping with this illness!

    Fight :)

    Not to sound whiny, but I wish they would increase the volumn during these sessions, because it is really poor. I can't hear most of it. I wish they would better the sound qualities on these videos, and other videos in the future.

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