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    [Dr. Susser has been mentioned on the ProHealth Board even going back to 2008. To help all, here is an excerpt from an 2008 article that provides info on the problem with the Homeopathic Board in Arizona and a few doctors are specifically mentioned, including Dr. Susser.]


    Phoenix New Times News


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    Dr. Murray Susser, 73, has been practicing alternative medicine for decades. The California Medical Board has taken his license away twice.

    The first time was in 1997. According to California Medical Board records, Susser failed to identify some conventional cases of cancer. He failed to diagnose colon cancer in one patient, even though the patient had blood in her stool and complained of rectal bleeding.

    For another patient, Susser prescribed natural vitamins in dangerous quantities, including "tannic acid, which is carcinogenic," and testosterone, which boosted blood pressure to unhealthy levels. According to California Medical Board records, Susser failed to see bowel cancer in that patient, too.

    Susser's discipline culminated when he advised a patient who was jaundiced and experiencing severe abdominal pain to not go to the emergency room. Paramedics forced the patient to go to the ER, where she was diagnosed with severe liver and pancreas damage, due to the all-natural injections.

    After two years of community service at 25 hours a week, Susser's California medical license was restored in 2000. His New York license is still surrendered.

    In 2002, Susser secured a homeopathic license in Arizona. He's been practicing in Scottsdale ever since. In 2005, the California Medical Board again took away Susser's license (he's on probation again) for prescribing ketamine, an anesthetic and animal tranquilizer.

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    You are assuming that people who are skeptical about alternative medicine have never tried it. That's not necessarily true.

    I have tried a few things but so far I will stick to science based medicine.

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    Sorry, but most providers don't have a reputation like this guy. A provider with this reputation, whether MD, DO, chiropractor, vet, holistic, nutritionist, or other provider, is the boundary where I decide not to treat with them.

    I do check the providers I see and even those for my pets through the years, and I would not recommend this provider to anyone else. Anyone that referred this provider to me I would not consider a good person to get referrals from.
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    You're no shy violet and should have reported providers that were problems to you. If you don't report providers at the time then you give them a free pass and it's too late to gripe about them now. You allowed them to get away with it. But that this particular holistic doctor had patients who complained and his license was taken away in two states is the way the system is supposed to work-- but the system only works if patients cooperate and open their mouths and promptly complain to the proper venues, the professional licensing boards.

    And someone gossiping to you about what they believe another professional does, lacks proof of anything. You should have reported the gossiping person as they don't belong in a professional setting.

    You mentioned your daughter and drugs. You state in many posts she was a addict, and a drug addict is defined as the use of a drug for a nontherapeutic effect. No one forces another person to become a drug addict or an alcoholic and too often it's an excuse to blame it on others. Your daughter did have a choice to partner with the doctor and decide to stop the path she saw she was heading down and discuss it with the doctor and request a different way to go. Sadly, it didn't go that way and I'm sorry for you and your daughter. More sad, is that you appear to blame her addiction on a doctor. I believe Al-Anon teaches that the blame belongs with the addict, to not take it on yourself and not to blame others for the addiction. I'm glad for her sobriety and wish her the best.

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    I am rather appalled at this whole thing. I have personally worked with Dr. Susser, and he is one of the MOST knowledgeable, caring, and attentive doctors I have ever worked with. He was able to diagnose my condition just by looking at it, when I tried four previous doctors, three in the necessary specialty, and got a wrong diagnosis each time. He not only was correct, as tests proved, but he was able to explain why his diagnosis was correct. He had had experience with the condition. When I was unable to use his recommended treatment due to allergies, he worked with me to try to find an alternative solution. He is knowledgeable in alternative remedies. It was expensive to go to him, but given the amount of time he spent with me each time, up to an hour, the costs were not unreasonable. As for misdiagnosis, if those are the total number of patients where he misdiagnosed, he has an oustandingly superior record compared to any other doctor I have ever worked with! I was very upset when he moved to California. California is particularly notorious for coming down hard on any dissenter. This looks like a hatchet job to me, and posting it means that this very fine doctor's reputation has been maligned for no good purpose. If we truly believe in alternative medicine, we cannot cooperate with the oppressive state in this way. They don't want us to have alternatives, and they will do anything in their power to malign, frame, or otherwise drive a good doctor or other practitioner away. I have had it happen to several other people who were significantly helpful to me, depriving me of freedom of choice.

    As for the person who believes in science based medicine, will you consider buying my bridge? I need the money. Science based medicine examines at most a few thousand people. The remedies I use have been tested on millions of people over hundreds or thousands of years, and many of them have ALSO been tested by science based medicine, and found efficacious. There is a lot of fraud in science based medicine. You have to watch them like hawks, or you will be duped, too. Please re-think your position. You may someday be in a position where your reliance will bring you significant harm.