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    I found this site online for Chronic Fatique. It may be interesting to some to check it out. drmyhill.co.uk. It is in the U.K. but she has interesting things on it.
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    She's very good, has a ton of information about CFS and supplements and diet which might help. She's written at least one paper about CFS and mitochondrial dysfunction, which is available through her website - a very good resource -

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    She's the best doctor for any fatigue state in the world in my opinion!
  4. Spacey, I can't thank you enough for bringing this to my attention! I didn't know about Dr. Myhill... but after reading some of her book ("Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Fatique Syndrome", which you can download for free!), I feel like I understand more about what is going on in our body's with this condition than ever before.

    I knew our DD had to do with mitochondrial dysfunction, but her explanations were very detailed, yet easy to understand. I feel like her approach is the most comprehensive approach I've ever come across so far. I went ahead and printed the 118 page book and have read the first 30 pages so far. It is so refreshing and hopeful to encounter a doctor who has such an all- encompassing grasp of our disease. She looks at ALL aspects of the cause(s) and effects of CFS/ME and has some very helpful tests that she recommends. Makes me wish I was in England just so I could get an appt with her.

    But she does give exhaustive information that we can bring to our own docs (IF only we can find one who is willing to help) and she will even write a letter to our doc if we need her to. Everything she says makes sense and she has a very detailed approach to helping us get better. She covers ALL the bases... not just some. She really seems to understand our plight, not just the chemistry of what's going on. She seems to really have a heart for helping those of us with CFS... That is why she has given us permission to download her book free of charge.

    So thanks again, Spacey, for sharing this wonderful info with us! Such a blessing! God bless you!


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