Dr Nancy Klimas’ lecture & slide presentation: “XMRV CFS/ME & You”

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    I haven't watched this yet but I hear it's very good.

    She encourages people to donate to research e.g.
    The ME/CFS Pocket Money Research Fund http://www.pocketmoneyfund.org/index.php



    Dr Nancy Klimas’ lecture & slide presentation: “XMRV CFS/ME & You”.

    A compelling and comprehensive review of the disease, the XMRV virus discussed in detail and what lies ahead. Even the most knowledgeable in attendance gained new insights into their illness and the prospect of a new road to recovery. A particularly interesting Q&A session follows the formal presentation.

    The two hour session garnered rave reviews from the 150 people lucky enough to attend. It is a MUST SEE video for all afflicted with or affected by ME/CFS.

    Most of the video was made in near dark conditions to accommodate the slide presentation. It has been tightly edited down to 83 minutes and divided into 12 segments for easy, and repeated, viewing.

    Segment 1: Background, overlapping conditions, viruses
    Segment 2: Viruses & CFS/ME, WPI & XMRV
    Segment 3: XMRV, NK & T cells, latent & retro viruses
    Segment 4: Retro viruses, Biomarker
    Segment 5: Antibodies, what we don’t know, cancer
    Segment 6: Virus life cycle, immune modulation drugs
    Segment 7: What’s next in research
    Segment 8: Research funding & advocacy
    Segment 9: Testing for XMRV, Q&A: Antibodies
    Segment 10: Q&A: Drug timeline, U of M clinic & studies
    Segment 11: Q&A: Morton Fund, Taking care of yourself
    Segment 12: Q&A: The new Miami CFS clinic
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    Hi Quayman,

    I have been searching for this video since Nov 4th - thank you so much for posting this info!!!!

    God Bless You,

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    I was so happy to see the link for this video here.
    But it is not working!
    Is there any other link where i can downlaod it?
  4. sascha

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    thank you sooooo much. sascha
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    I say we start a Nancy Klimas fan club.

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    Someone from another list sent me this brief list from their notes of the treatments Dr. Klimas suggests may be helpful.

    I have not watched this video, so don't know what details she gives on this. Just sharing what was sent to me:)

    - omega 3, 4 grams a day
    - inosine
    - coq10
    - mushrooms
    - ampligen
    - vitamin b complex
    - multi-vitamin
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    Yep, I wrote them down too. I trust her. And she explains it in such an understandable way.

    You forgot one though. She said need to stay hydrated. And she emphasized need for restorative sleep, mentioned Xyrem as a possibility because it targets the deep sleep.

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    Thanks Elisabeth, Karinaxx, aussiewoman, sascha - always nice to get positive feedback for doing something.

    Karinaxx - not sure why it isn't working - maybe you have to sign up? (it's free)
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    From: Daniel Moricoli <dmoricoli@cfsknowledgecenter.com>

    Dr Nancy Klimas'
    Superb Presentation on
    "XMRV,CFS/ME and You"

    As you may already know, the ME/CFSCommunity
    video taped Dr Nancy Klimas' lecture & slide
    presentation: "XMRV CFS/ME & You".

    It is a compelling and comprehensive review of the
    disease, the XMRV virus discussed in detail and what
    lies ahead for us.

    Even the most knowledgeable in attendance gained
    new insights into their illness and the prospect of a
    new road to recovery. A particularly interesting Q&A
    session follows the formal presentation.

    There were initial problems in putting the entire
    series on line but those problems have been
    overcome and the complete series, including
    segments 5 and 12, are now online in our Video

    When you visit the ME-CFSCommunity to view the
    Klimas videos, we hope you will also take a moment
    to stop by the ME-CFS Pocket Money Research Fund
    and make a donation.

    Dr Klimas and her world renown team of research
    scientists need our assistance more than ever to
    accelerate progress in identifying other biomarkers
    and treatments.

    Lastly, for those who reside in the United States, a
    notable pioneer in our cause suffered serious injury
    in an auto accident in addition to his long affliction
    with ME/CFS.

    He is soon to be released from a recovery facility and
    is looking to share living expenses with someone. He
    is currently in Florida but will consider moving to any
    other part of the country. Should you be interested in
    learning more, please email me at:

    Daniel Moricoli


    ME-CFSCommunity website:

    ME-CFSKnowledgeCenter website:

    Community, Guidance & Practical
    Information for Those Affected by ME/CFS

    email: dmoricoli@cfsknowledgecenter.com
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    I was able to get to the videos from the first link you posted and watched a little tonight, will try more later. I greatly appreciate all the info you provide!

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    Don't forget, she mentioned anti-oxidants to possibly prevent cancer. Particularly, she mentioned Co Q 10.

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    Thanks for posting this!

    Fight4acure! :)
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    Thanks for letting everyone know about this - I've watched probably most of the segments, but I may view some of them again. And, thanks to Dan M and his site, for doing the work to get this video out to all of us - he has done an amazing job in a relatively short period of time.

    I may try to go to the transcripts at Cort Johnson's Phoenix Rising site so I can read parts of this. When it comes to details like the supplements, I think it will be easier to see them in writing. (and thanks to the posters who listed them above, too). I remember thinking as I listened, that I am taking most of the supplements she mentioned, but that's worth going back to. I try to re-evaluate everything I take now and then. Sometimes it's hard to see a direct benefit from a supplement, but if I know it's supposed to do something good for me, I'll keep it in the mix.
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    ...for another superb post! You always find the BEST.

    I watched all the videos and was so impressed by Dr. Klimas;
    one can easily feel she has her patient's interests and welfare
    topmost in her mind and heart. She's a very good speaker,
    too! Don't know who the guy was that introduced her, but, well,
    he needs a course in public speaking, lol.

    She even said to double up on multivits as we use them up
    too quickly.

    A question though; a friend told me she had heard that CoQ10
    is not easily absorbed and that one must take magnesium with
    it...does anyone know anything about that?

    I thought I was taking enough Omega 3, but 1 gram isn't
    enough, she said 3-4 grams daily...omg, that's a lot! But I'm
    going to do it.

    Yes, folks, Dan at the me-cfs community has done a great
    job for us and if you have a few bucks, please support his

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