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    I went to see him at UMDNJ, after I waited months for a visit I was very disappointed.
    First off, he did not not want me to continue my meds and wanted to put me on methadone and another med. Methadone was out of the question.
    to me it seemed that 95% of his practice was research,(which is funded by the government) he sees patients only one day for income. To me he was like all the other doctors I have seen except he was very expensive and really hurt my funds. I would not go back. I am not going to be a quinea pig for these docs.
  2. llelnino

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    And thank you for telling us this because I was seriously considering going to this Doctor. Just another deadend :(

  3. aftermath

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    Dr. Benjamin Natelson is a gentleman.

    While it is true that he is a researcher first and a clinician second, I disagree that he "just sees patients for income." His fees are actually quite reasonable, not abusive like many physicians who treat people with this disease.

    Although his treatments did not work out for me, he tried very hard and did not look to fleece me out of money. He actually did a spinal tap for HHV-6 and sent it to Viracor (best lab in the US). There are not many neurologists out there willing to do that.

    I have seen similar criticisms of Dr. Susan Levin in NYC for being "research motivated." The reason these physicians are so concerned with research is THE CAUSE OF OUR ILLNESS IS UNKNOWN AND THERE ARE NO TREATMENTS THAT HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO BE CONSISTENTLY EFFECTIVE. Of course any competent physician involved with this illness is going to be very concerned with research.

    Until the cause of this illness is known, I would be more concerned if my doctor was NOT obsessed with research.

    Someone who is "obsessed with research" is going to be the person who one day finds out what actually causes this illness.
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    I have been going to Dr. Natelson for several years and thank my lucky stars I have him as a doctor!!!

    I had gone up to his new office in Beth Israel in Oct this year and LAST week he calls me to say...'I have been thinking about your 'xyz' tests and feel we should do 'abc'.
    HOW many doctors do that for you???

    SInce what we have is not a 'once size' fits all treatment. He is one of the BEST in the country and you want HIM on your side for SSDI.

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    i'd die to have a spinal tap....but since my antibodies are pretty low for everything and they sometimes don't even find the virus in spinal fluid even though it is active in brain tissue, i am not jumping through hoops for the test.

    yup. viracor is the best.
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    Hello everybody on the Forum,

    I am not american and I never met this doctor, but today I took time to read throughout the following article where he got mentioned

    Good luck to everyone out here

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