Dr. Nicolsons article and my dental visit

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    I had a dental visit today, waived the floride rinse and told him Im using baking soda toothpaste now. He said it was a good idea! He recommended the CloSYSII rinse. He said new studies found that it retards growth of Viruses and bacteria in the mouth. Its used as a breath freshner. I have TMJ and facial nerve pain. I am also staying away from floride rinses so I will try this. At $12 a bottle it can't hurt. Sounds like a commercial but ask your dentist if you are interested.

    Its funny but he never seems to know anything about this before so it looks like maybe hes reading up for me.


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    As it has made me sick in the past. I have a sensitive tooth with a crown, so the dentist told me to buy Gel-Kam to put on the little brushpick and run it along the margin.

    Well, it is basically a very strong form of fluoride and it really made me sick, but I was determined to help my tooth. One night, my throat almost swelled shut and my breathing became quite labored. I should have listened to my body as I am obviously allergic to it. It was $13 down the drain, literally. I think flouride is a dangerous thing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Did I explain that? Kills viruses. Seemed like a plan. Mslo