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  1. They said send your questions as every wk. they have him answer. It would be interesting to see what he says about fibromyalgia and what really helps don't you think? I know in the past alot of us have asked different shows to have a segment but what if we all bombarded Oprahs website to ask Dr. Oz this question?
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    i actually thought when Oprah said " millions of americans have this painful condition" i got my hopes up and thought someone was going to ask a question about FM but it was vericose veins, talk about having no sympathy at all for that, of course relative to FM I mean.

    But ya, Dr. Oz is very open minded to alternative medicine and even said the next big wave in medicine will be energy medicine. So as he is open minded I am sure he wouldn't mind answering a question on FM, just it is way more complicated than the ususal questions that are often asked but he obviously is open to the unknown (ie. energy) and thus would have an appreciation for a disease that science has still not been able to nail down.

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    Oz is opposed even if you are deficient in it?
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    I did it...Here it is

    Subject: Fibromyalgia took "me" away

    Dear Dr. Oz,

    I have always been a very active, energetic and spirited person. Although I am very open-minded I believed that Fibromyalgia was the "hypochondriac's" disease; even when I was hit with it. There are times I still question whether or not I am just crazy.

    This is my Valentine's letter to my husband:

    My wonderful valentine…

    Many people make
    New Year’s resolutions…
    You know me,
    I’m not that kind of girl!

    Oh how times have changed.
    Less than a year ago there was nothing
    I couldn’t, and wouldn’t do.
    I was the mom, house cleaner, cook,
    landscaper, “pool boy”, painter
    errand girl, barber, “bus driver” for our kids…
    And still able to be your exotic dancer when the kids weren’t looking.
    An endless ball of energy.

    Now, I complain daily of my
    relentless aches and pains.
    My normally well thought out replies have become snappy and rude.
    I keep you up half the night tossing, turning, and finally getting out of bed.

    I read of so many women who suffer with this stupid “condition”,
    And because nobody understands it, many end up losing their husbands/relationships.
    They roll their eyes in disgust because she “won’t” get out of bed
    “won’t” do all the things she used to.
    She has become too needy in his eyes.

    I miss the endless ball of energy I was.
    I miss being able to be everything for you.
    I thank God for you.
    I must be the luckiest woman on earth!

    Not only do you bring home the bacon,
    But many times now,
    you fry it up in the pan.
    You do the dishes when I nap,
    You cook when I can’t,
    You help with the laundry,
    And you are an amazing “mom”
    to our kids.
    You do it all with a smile!
    You are my psychiatrist, my mediator,
    My counselor, my sex therapist…
    You are my personal Dr. Phil!

    I see how hard you try to rid my life of all stress and
    You make me want to be a better person.
    You make me want to get better.

    I don’t know if there is any magic
    combination to make this all go away,
    But, My Valentine, my Rock,
    Because of all you do for me…
    This Valentine’s day, I am making
    A Resolution…

    I will, on a daily basis, try my hardest to get “Me” back.
    To find a way to be the girl I used to be;
    The girl I loved being;
    The girl who was your everything.

    Dr. Oz, this "syndrome" has taken so much away from me. My muscles constantly SCREAM to climb out of my body, my arms and legs feel heavy and stiff, I am clumsy like I am trying to use sombody else's hands. I've had bouts of carpal and tarsal tunnel, at times I can't dry my hair or put dishes away. There are stabbing sensations out of nowhere, the mind is so foggy that I can't read and retain infromation. I can't sleep, it has lessened my ability to get daily chores done, sit in a car comfortably for more than a few minutes, to hold a thought long enough to finish a conversation. It has taken away my ability to be pleasant most of the time, it has taken away all my hobbies (gardening, beadwork, crocheting), it has taken away my social life because, firstly, everybody thinks I'm a hypochondriac, and secondly because I lack the ability to do most fun things, I have nothing interesting to say. It's taken away my self-confidence and my self esteem...It's taken "me" away. It's taken away even more for many others.

    Any help you could offer to give us relief, or to just bring legitamacy to the subject would be of endless help.

    Thank you, Joann Delaney

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    I completely relate to your story as I also suffer from FM as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis. I do know that Oprah's shows are taped but not for sure how far in advance of the taping.

    But if your letter got to them too late, hopefulley it will make it for the next Oprah show when Dr. Oz is featured.

    Here is hoping and praying this DD is addressed and that more people acknowledge and understand the pain and suffering we go through on a daily basis.

    Best wishes to you...

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    Your poem was absolutely beautifull--sad, but beautiful none the less.

    You have explained so well how so many of us feel.

    Good job.

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    I wrote Oprah and Dr Phil, in
    December. I will continue to write until fibro and CFS are as well known as Parkinson, breast cancer and you name it. I encourage all of us to take back our vitality and get mad at the condition and start to regain what we have lost. We must push for funding for research.
  8. I also thought when they said a very painful condition they would say fibro , but no.

    I understood she said keep those questions coming as he is a wkly person on the show.

    Great poem and letter!
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    I agree, it would be WONDERFUL if someone with Oprah's clout and influence could shed light on the very real and very devastating effects of living with FM/CF... Best if she would invite several people WITH the condition on her show, perhaps a woman like yourself (wife and mother), a single or married man, a very young (perhaps working, or trying to) woman (teens, twenty-ish), AND a single 40-50ish mother, unable to work and living with depression and lonliness on top of the pain (um, like myself). FM/CFS greatly compounds our lives, and in vastly different ways according to our living status... some of us have no network or support, from friends OR family. Others might struggle along, trying to HIDE their condition...
    I've told someone having FM is like an "Nth degree" disease -- whatever can possibly make someone hurt (walking down the driveway, sweeping the floor, even taking a shower) must be multiplied a hundred times over for us, including our needs and losses. Here's hoping Oprah DOES get wind of this, and involves herself with the dedication and perseverance our plight for a cure warrants...
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    I LOVE the Valentine poem you wrote for your husband. I felt like you were writing for me! I need to write my own for my dh-- I feel so badly that I haven't before. I have heard of so many heartbreaking stories of spouses being abandoned or treated so contemptuously. We really need to celebrate the ones who have gone the distance (and shame the others in the process) with us.

    I hope you get the response from Dr. Oz you're hoping for. Even if you don't, that was hugely helpful to those of us on here, and anyone else who gets to read it.

    This is a great reminder that those people in our lives that are watching us slip away are just as frightened as we are, even if they express it with frustration. Telling them how much they mean to us might help them feel less "abandoned" themselves. I know that when I get depressed, my dh worries that I'm "giving up" and that probably scares him-- at least I can work at reassuring him that I'm in this for the duration as well.


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