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    Have you or any members of your family been touched by Alzheimer’s? Dr. Oz will be doing a future show on the topic and we would like to hear from you (use the link below)!

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    NOTE that ProHealth has not introduced this post as belonging to the Dr. Oz show so I doubt this post came from the Dr. Oz show, plus we had a poster a while back that actually signed in as Dr. Oz and was not.

    Why would the Dr. Oz show go out to individual boards instead of simply posting on his show. So this sounds fishy?

    P.S. In looking at the actual Dr. Oz website, there is nothing about discussing topics for future shows. With the high risk of connecting to sites that can load malware onto your computer that can take over your computer, it isn't worth taking a chance on sites that are doubtful.
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    Thanks Susan and I appreciate you finding out. I notified the moderators also as I didn't know if it was a good or bad site and left it up to them (but it takes them a while to act). I went on the Dr. Oz site yesterday, but looked for something on providing personal stories and not "to be on the show."

    The Dr. Oz show holds such high standards for their website (I looked yesterday at the bottom info of his site that leads into highly detailed small print caveats). If ProHealth tried to just post on his site about ProHealth without going through their moderators, it would have been hell to pay. Oh well.

    Plus Dr. Oz should have a highly learned and experienced staff, yet they didn't go to the ProHealth Alzheimer's board--certainly they should have checked to be sure they posted on the Alzheimer's Board here.

    By the way, what I have discovered about the ProHealth Board may be the cause of posts going to the Health Board. I found that if I CLICK on the "SELECT A BOARD" on ProHealth, it takes me automatically to the Health Board, but if I avoid clicking the SELECT A BOARD and simply scroll down and find the board I want, then I can get onto that board. I suspect that people may not be scrolling down and may be clicking on the SELECT A BOARD. The Select a Board should be an inaction TITLE and NOT A FUNCTION.
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    You always have to think nefarious when you see odd threads coming up with websites. It's the way malware and trojans are put onto your computer if you click onto those sites. You never accept at face value any new post with a website. I get the newsletters from Data Doctors and Windows Secrets that warn about everything from false DHL delivery notices and what can do to your computer. So I am overly careful on posts, particularly when someone was on ProHealth falsely posting as "Dr. Oz."

    I had an e-mail from the moderators and they said they "thought" the Dr. Oz Show post was real--but it was clear that they didn't attempt to check it out.

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    I personally believe it's not good to open any links of new posters and they could contain malware. Too many people can tell you that it's darn expensive to have a computer expert clean up your computer after it has been hit. Anyone that wants to go ahead and click on any links are free to do it. Because a false "Dr. Oz" was here before creates reasonable doubt for me on yet another post with the sign in name involving Dr. Oz and that's okay.

    Windows Secrets just put out their newsletter at: http://WindowsSecrets.com/comp/110324 and explained about the scammers actively working the Japan tragedy and are putting links on internet social networks and how those links can frequently have malware. Here's part of the article [We are off the subject of Dr. Oz's post]:

    "PC users can also be directed to drive-by sites through links circulated on Twitter, Facebook, and other social-networking sites as well as in discussion forums. Wall posts, IMs, and messages represent themselves as containing links to newly uncovered disaster videos that might be tsunami simulations, doctored images, and worse.
    . . .

    But misdirection to online surveys and likejacking, as Cluley describes above, can be the least of a deceived user's problems. A user who activates a clickjacking link is taken to a drive-by website that might (or might not) look legitimate but that automatically downloads malware onto the user's machines. The most frequently downloaded type of malware is rogue security software, often also called rogue antivirus software (or rogue AV).

    Rogue security software masquerades as legitimate security software. Sometimes it even imitates legitimate security software interfaces, such as Microsoft Update. After it's installed on your machine, antivirus malware might simply pretend to detect viruses and then entice you into paying for a subscription to have your machine cleaned.

    Or it might install more malicious software — keyloggers, password recorders, or rootkits — that can go undetected while stealing your data. This software might lie dormant until it detects a specific event, such as when you enter a bank account number. Then it comes to life and starts collecting your keystrokes: recording your passwords, social security number, date of birth, and other personal data.

    The scammers resell your credit card numbers or passwords to other criminals. Then they change their company name, change the credit agency they're using to bill you for your "malware subscription," and vanish before they can be identified. Rogue security software costs the banking industry billions of dollars a year, a cost borne by consumers."

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    I have security software, but no software detects malware links in discussion boards and if there was, it would be worth billions. They haven't come up with it yet and figure if you click on a strange link, that's your fault and your problem and you will pay the price and learn your lesson. That lesson can be extremely costly.

    The Windows Secrets article I gave you explained how bad the malware attacks can be, but not all can be removed by programs you buy and some require a computer expert and the computer has to be wiped clean of EVERYTHING, including all programs, and then the programs are installed new again. That's how destructive some of the malware and trojans are. Some hit taking valuable personal information off your computer and the hacker uses it and then you have computer trouble plus identify theft to deal with.

    You are correct that malware can appear as pop ups and that's a scheme to make you pay instantly right now, but as the Windows Secrets article I gave you explained, malware can also hide on a link on the earthquake/tsunami info, and you click on it and see the info but don't realize that the malware is being loaded secretly behind the scenes and is not the instant "pay now" scheme.

    I post threads from time to time on Chit Chat about computers and I just posted yesterday about the June 8, 2011 internet test that is being run on Facebook, Twitter and a lot of the internet sites and that is worth reading. That test may cause some of the computers here to not run as well that day. I tested my computer, and it is an old computer, and it has the IVp4 capability and will be okay that day, but doesn't have the IVp6 capability. Those that don't have IVp4 or IVp6 capability may experience problems that day. The articles on Chit Chat explain about the test, allow you to test your computer now (it's a safe thread), and explain about IVp6 and why.

    P.S. I forgot to mention, ProHealth doesn't have to worry about malware because they don't allow "active" links on their boards. You have to copy the link onto your computer to make it active. So malware can't activate on their board and cause harm to them and to someone's computer. But anyone can pluck a bad inactive link off ProHealth that someone puts there, and bring it up on their own computer and activate it and it will act on their computer but not damage ProHealth.

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    I was reading on the Windows Secret Lounge about a person saying he had software automatically loading without clicking. That's the sophistication of some of these hackers. He stopped it with going into the Windows Task Manager and ending it. Even with all the security, the hackers are better and breaking through the security software and even breaking through the fixes we can do ourselves on the computer. Even Data Doctors in January of last year said just don't click on sites you don't know and that's true today and you don't risk. Take care and this was interesting.

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