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    Has anyone heard of Patricia Salvato MD? She's an internal medicine doctor in Houston, TX who specializes in FMS/CFIDS as well as HIV and other autoimmune diseases.

    She is supposed to be excellent...at least she has be referred by many doctors here. My pain doctor also happens to be a psychiatrist so he doesn't do much in the way of lab tests, MRI's, CT's and other diagnostic tools. But he has been a psychiatrist for over 35 years and a pain specialist for most of those years.

    He has convinced me that I'm not crazy or an addict and is working on getting me over the guilts from taking Oxycontin that he has prescribed and firmly believes in (because it is not metabolized in the liver it doesn't do the damage that 15 years of Tylenol did). Doing my own research showed me that although the government is trying to say that Oxycontin causes many deaths each year it's really somewhat less than 500 overall. Usually alcohol was also involved. Tylenol (an over the counter drug) kills more than 1700 patients per year...while working in the ER, we noticed that teenagers were coming in at a frightening rate after having overdosed on Tylenol. They don't lose consciousness but must be caught in a very narrow window of opportunity to do charcoal, gavage and intstilling Mucomyst in the hope that the N-Acetyl cysteine (Mucomyst) will bind with the Tylenol in time to stop liver damage leading to complete liver failure and death. Alcohol makes Tylenol overdose worse because it causes the acetominophen to be absorbed more rapidly. Funny how the DEA doesn't want to take alcohol off the market. Probably because most of the DEA, Congress and other governing bodies would lose the privilege of the "two martini" lunches.

    My main problem is that I am an RN and lectured my sons for almost 25 years to "Just Say No" to drugs. Needless to say I'm having enough trouble changing from the paradigm that says drugs are evil and should be banned when nicotine is legal and causes an addiction that is harder to get rid of than any opiate does and alcohol, also a legal drug, causes addiction and most of the multimillion deaths due to automobile fatalities in this country today (not to mention all of the liver problems that come with drinking too much alcohol).

    Sorry for the soapbox, but deliberate ignorance in the name of the almighty dollar had always made me angry. The DEA just doubled the monthly fee that doctors have to pay to keep their DEA license to prescribe narcotics. This was done so that more DEA agents can be hired to make good doctors' and suffering patients' lives harder than they should be. The agents also run the risk of becoming the target of a major drug distributer or the Colombians. They feel much safer going after doctors and patients.

    These facts are true as I know them. My husband is a Federal agent (not the DEA) and had a price on his head when he worked with a task force in Puerto Rico for stopping 8 tons of cocaine from coming to this country. The DEA doesn't care about the kids getting illegal drugs...the agents goal is "how many scalps today", not who is really being hurt.

    My husband says there are more drug users in the DEA than any other agency of the federal government. He has never approved of their tactics although he has to deal with them on occasion.

    I meant to only ask about Dr. Salvato...it's been raining all day here which aggravates the pain (and my temper).

    I hope every one has a blessed day.
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    Hi Crystal, wecome to the board. I can't help with Dr. Salvato, unless she is listed on the 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this page. The doctors are listed by states.

    We do have many members from Texas on the board, so hopefully one of them will see your post.

    Just stopped to welcome you.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. If you have time, please read our 'Messageboard Rules' listed at the top left of this board, printed in blue.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for the welcome and I hope I didn't say anything to offend anyone. My pain management physician is the executive director of the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain. A lot of information is on the website for the foundation and a lot of information comes from my husband, who even after putting up with me for almost 32 years is still my biggest support. Plus I read 200 to 300 pages per day when I can concentrate. I devoured books...now I mostly do research trying to validate what is wrong with me and why no two doctors can agree...in theory their education is greater than mine but they seem to be willingly obtuse about a lot of subjects that their patients could give lectures on. But doctors(and the federal government) being mostly men and FMS and CFIDS effecting mostly women, they will still be condescending to us unless they can be made to see that they are accomplishing nothing by going after doctors and patients and drive the "drug problem" further underground. I don't want to have to go to the corner drug dealer when I am a grandmother.

    Thanks again and LOL
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    Hi Crystal,

    Thank you so much for that information.
    I know EXACTLY what you mean--when you used the word GUILT!! I have been on oxycontin ever since it came on the market. My rheumatologist made my very painful days(from fibro and arthritis) better, but as we all know-nothing takes away the pain completely.
    I had that guilty feeling-only because of several pharmacists---it was awful---I can't believe that I had to change drugstores and then a few years later another jerk came to the store and made me feel like a criminal.
    I lived in Indiana for 30 years and we just moved to Tucson, Arizona 6 months ago-for my pain.
    The pharmacy I chose is great!!! NONE of them are judgemental, and make mean remarks like 2 of them in the past did.
    Starting about a year ago--I decided--why the heck am I letting this very, very helpful medicine make me feel like a criminal? Well, I had just had enough of that feeling and now I NEVER feel uncomfortable telling anyone that I take oxycontin.
    It was very difficult finding new doctors, but I have found a dr. here who has a daughter that has fibro, so he knows what we all go through.
    When I moved here and a few of the doctors refused to give pain meds--I told them-------my rheumatologist from Indiana must live with chronic pain himself or he obviously has a loved one that lives with chronic pain--- I could tell by the look on their faces---that they were thinking that comment over.
    My son lives in SugarLand--we want to live by him and his wife when they start a family. We did not choose Texas when we left Indiana because of the weather there.
    It has made a difference living here in this dry state. So, when they start a family in a few years, we all have to decide where we all want to live. Maybe even Albuquerque--if my other family members stay there.
    I haven't been coming to this board very long, but it is very, very helpful and I need to start coming here more often--I always learn something new.
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    My main problem is not pain/fibro-it's cfs/lyme, but as you know, there is a great deal of overlap.I haven't worked with Dr. Salvato but my physicians and I try to keep up with her work, which is highly regareded. I'm from the Northeast so it's more of a geography issue than anything else.

    Currently, I use injectable Glutathione/ATP as researched/prescribed by Dr. Salvato. It helps a great deal with brainfog.

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    Dear Sierrasioux,
    We have lived in Sugar Land since 1978 so I know how just plain cruddy the weather can get. But my family and my husband's family came from Germany and settled in Southwest Texas in 1792 and we each have a full Cherokee great grandmother. So we're pretty attached to Texas...not so much Houston...but because of what my husband does, we have to stay here right now. Plus we have two sons at Texas A&M at the same time.

    Thanks for the pep talk about the Oxycontin. I have the double whammy of having worked with most of the doctors on this side of town. My pharmacist is great. She knows more and explains more than any doctor I've been to. I don't know if it's because they think I should know or are simply being condescending because I worked so closely with most of them. Sometimes some days there are just too many mountains to climb and I'm only going to get older.

    Dear Annepat,
    Thanks for the information on Dr. Salvato. I knew she was well respected in the Houston area, but I had no idea how widespread her fame is.

    Many thanks and LOL,
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    Boy, was I glad to see this post! I just got Dr. Salvalto's name from somebody (of course, I forget who) and I've been thinking that's who I'd call when I'm ready. It's good to know that she is well regarded.

    Glad also to find so many more SE Texans here. I live in Onalaska (north shore of Lake Livingston) and Houston isn't so terribly far (just a pain) to go to.

    As to the weather, well I have a great deal of trouble with the humidity but all summer I just look at the picture on my wall of my husband shoveling 4 feet of snow in PA. . . I should be sitting aside of the Walmart parking lot right this minute, trying to sell a schnauzer puppy, but I just can't face it. Not much forces me out of the AC.

    If anyone here does go see Dr. Salvato, let us know how you like her.