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    Hello everyone!

    I hope everyone here had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

    Just wondering if any of you have Dr. Pellagrino for their FM doctor? If so, has he been of benefit to you? I just found out from searching this web site, that Dr. Pellagrino practices in Canton, Ohio.......not to far from where I live. I was thinking of trying to get an appointment with him if at all possible. Do any of you have any thoughts or comments on him? I hope I spelled his name correctly.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I hesitate to post this, since I am not sure my information is correct. I purchased a book years ago written by Dr. Pellegrino and one of his patients, I think the person's name was Jesse Stoff. It was about Dr. Pellegrino curing this patient of FMS/CFS, and I later heard that the book was discredited as being a fraud, or some such thing.

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    Do a message search at the top of this page. Type Pellegrino in the box and you will see a post by someone who has gone to Dr. Pellegrino and liked him.

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    I have had fm since 95.I tried to make an appointment with Pellegrino a few years ago,but would have had to waited months to see him.So I opted to see his associates in the same office: Dr. Gade, and Dr. Djuric.They were both very nice and supportive.I live about 3 hrs away so it was too difficult to drive so far.They offered to work with my regular doctor.They suggested a vitamin that was high in magnesium and malic acid,water therapy,and some other things to treat the pain,but all really did no good.The only thing I have found to be of some help is massage therapy with an experienced masseuse who can do trigger point work.It is very painful, but I think it does help loosen things up and help somewhat with the pain.I have been on many different meds and thru physical therapy which I believe just made me feel worse.Fm is not something that we can be rehabilitated from.There is also an excellent doc in Wheeling ,WV, whose wife has fm.Offhand I cant remeber his name.Dr. Pellegrino has fm himself I believe.
    Personally,and its just my opinion,I feel that you can get just as much accomplished with a good family doc or rheumatologist that is willing to try things.I have had trigger point injections that were extremely painful(no help),cervical epidural(no help),the malic acid(no help),physical therapy(no help),and multitude of meds.I am now on skelaxin which is a new muscle relaxant,I think it does provide some relief when I take it like I am supposed to.And tylenol 3 and Oxy IR as needed for pain.
    As far as I know,I dont think research has come up with any proven therapy that relieves fm, except treating the individual symptoms.
    That said, I think it is definitely worth a trip to see either of the above doctors.Maybe than can come up with a treatment that is beneficial to you.What doesnt help one may help another.We are all different.
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    Hi Cynthia:
    I would love to have a rheumatologist who also has fms and is sympathetic.
    only one word of advice (well, more than one)
    Go for it, what have you got to lose???