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    Fibromyalgia Doctor Mark Pellegrino, MD, will host a Live Chat Q&A on Friday, Sep 19 (12-1 pm Pacific Time, 3-4 Eastern) – and Invites You to Submit Questions in Advance




    You are invited to join a Live Chat Q&A with Fibromyalgia Doctor Mark J. Pellegrino, MD - author of the highly praised book Fibromyalgia: Up Close and Personal.*
    The Time: Friday September 19, at 12-1 pm Pacific Time (3-4 pm Eastern).

    The Place: ProHealth's Community Chat Room. Not a registered chat user? You may do it now or register as a guest a few minutes before chat time.

    The Expert: As a doctor who has FM himself, and has treated thousands with tested knowledge and humor at the Ohio Rehab Center, Dr. Pellegrino is considered a world authority - one “committed to work together with fibromyalgia patients to solve OUR problems.”

    You’re invited to submit questions now
    To help ensure that Dr. Pellegrino can answer as many questions as possible during the chat, patients and advocates may also submit questions in advance. (Please do not ask for a personal diagnosis/medical advice, however, as this would be outside the realm of a community Q&A, and inappropriate without a physician's examination.)

    What kinds of questions can you ask Dr. Pellegrino?
    He has experience and insights to share on just about any FM-related subject, from the latest drug therapies to insights on disability, diet, coping, and sensitivities. To appreciate the scope of Dr. Pellegrino's knowledge, see his recent articles on:

    n Those Dysfunctional Autonomics
    “IBS, irritable bladder, depression, migraine, anxiety/panic attacks, orthostatic intolerance – all involve dysfunctional or hypersensitive autonomic nerves and all can be part of Fibromyalgia, but may require separate treatment approaches.”

    n Candidiasis – Yeast Infection and Nutritional Repair
    Causes, symptoms, testing, natural antiyeast and probiotic strategies, The Fibromyalgia Diet, and trigger avoidance.

    n The Fibromyalgia Spectrum – Part of the Big Picture in Understanding FM
    “I’m convinced FM is a broader condition with various subsets, and this model helps me to organize and educate patients.”

    n Mentally Managing Fibromyalgia
    “Stress is a major reality in FM. But there are ways to reduce its toll on our bodies.”

    n Fibromyalgia – Ultimately a Disease of Amplified Pain
    “Many conditions can lead to permanent changes in the pain transmission mechanism and result in chronic pain that overwhelms the body’s pain defense mechanisms. One such condition is Fibromyalgia.”

    * Dr. Pellegrino's latest book, Fibromyalgia: Up Close and Personal, can be purchased for $24.50 plus S&H from Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino at the Ohio Rehab Center (phone 330/498-9865 or fax 330/498-9869). And starting in September, it will be available for purchase in the ProHealth Bookstore.

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    for the heads up about the chat , and for mentioning the book and where to get it. If this is the book that I am thinking about , they are selling it for $70.00 ! on Amazon .com.


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