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    after watching the segment w/the woman and the jack%$#& of a husband i was perplexed. dr. phil asked her if she was "doing everything she can to help the situation" or something to that effect. his question is vague at best considering all the influences we go through daily with the pain we are in. of course she had different problems but the premise is the same.

    i pondered his question and had some thoughts.

    what we do to "help" the situation:

    varies greatly day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

    changes each day depending on how much pain we are in and whether we are having a flare.

    depends on what kind of doctor we have, and whether or not they care or understand this dd.

    relies on faithfully taking our medication if we have the luxury of insurance and a good doctor to prescribe it.

    fluxuates with our moods and ability to keep our calm and sanity.

    is mandated by how others react to us. by treating us kindly, with understanding and how we deal with our dd and react to others.
    warm hugs to all today.

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    Hi, I didn't quite get that........as always I felt he was putting aq stigma on the situatuin of well,'if you would make an effort to get off your rearend it might go away!' Is this a conclusion people jump to when someone is overweight or is it just this damn DD? Her husband was just about bullistic about it when Dr. Phil tried to talk to them after the show,which is all I caught of those 2, I hope he geve her more support than that on the actual show. Is she actually dealing with CFS-FM or what? At any rate I was sorry I didn't catch more of the show, I usually really like his approach to things but didn't catch enough of that to understand where he was comming from. Anyway, I hope you got more out of it and I hope we will see more of this topic dealt with in the future.

    HUGS to you.......Pam2