Dr. Phil Today 011706 Aspergers and Tourette's Syndromes

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  1. alonebutnotlonely

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    On Dr. Phil today

    The Dr. sheds light on two misunderstood neurologcal disorders, Aspergers and Tourette's Syndromes.


    Just wanted everyone to know because I see Aspergers Syndrome discussed on here.

  2. fivesue

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    Have a cousin who has Tourette's...with medication, he funcitons very well and did even before medication. He is an amazing person.

    Thanks again. I'll drop him a note to let him know.

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Will watch this but I fear I may get disappointed as sometimes they don't show it that well. My son is autistic.
  4. dunnlb

    dunnlb New Member

    My father cleared his throad constantly. My sister hums incessantly. My tics didn't start until I was about 11. I think I was born with anxiety. The eyeblinking tic was first and is usually the first for everyone. No one in my family has the cursing, thank goodness. Most people don't know I have it since I can pretty much control the tics in public. They do come out pretty bad when I am at home. I had a hard time with my mind racing until I started taking antidepressants. They have really helped with anxiety and tics. I think I had pretty bad mood swings until I started antidepressants too. I have always worked, but I am not able to work in a high stress job. My ADD is too bad.

    People who have studied families with TS believe that the same gene causes obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, and even alcoholism. Tics are just a different expression of the same gene. They can all be included in anxiety disorders. If you have someone with Tourette's, you don't usually have to look far in the family to find someone with "nerve" problems. Autism and Asperger's are in the same family of disorders.

    A good book on the subject is "Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior" by Dr. David Cummings.
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    that he showed such a biased and slanted view of Aspergers. Also that he mentioned and showed film re the Asperger killer story when we all know that the boy in question was never even diagnosed was just on a site where he was making threats and site alarmed police to him. Also the boy on the show, he was diagnosed by the school counselor. Why doesn't DPH get the facts straight instead of looking for sensational angle? That child had very abusive parents, he seemed manic to me, but there again, with all that screaming at one another I'd be going nuts too. Even if that kid did have Aspergers and I didn't see other signs he did, then screaming parents need arresting for abuse. Tourettes section was fine. I am so mad at Dr Phil I could punch him.
  6. MamaDove

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    My husband and I chose not to have children based on his epilepsy and my family genes which may have eventually contributed to my illnesses BUT we chose to raise furry kids and take it very seriously, sometimes to the extreme where their care has been concerned...

    Our Moose began having seizures on his 2nd birthday and our lives, as difficult as it allready was, changed big time that day...

    I was consumed in finding out how, why and needed to help fix this for him (and us)...I still feel the need to beat myself up because I never did find the "cure" for my lil boy...Something I know I will be living with forever...

    The couple they showed on stage could have been my husband and I...The husband explained that they live as 'friends' moreso than husband and wife because their boy comes first. Of course not the way people like Dr.Phil can relate to or accept so therefore he feels the need to 'fix' this couple.

    From where I sat, I saw an unselfish couple and a mother needing to help her son...I turned to my husband and said "Honey, that's us"...I balled my eyes out!!!

    I so feel for people who live with illnesses and the years I have spent in daily fear living with epilepsy is more than I ever thought I would have to go through in this life...FMS and all my other illnesses pale in comparison to the pain of my heart breaking and the ultimate loss of my boy...

    It is strange how I saw the original post metioning the show and thought I would watch because an old friend that just contacted me told me her daughter has Asperger's, I wanted to learn more...I don't seem to know how to end this except maybe that we never know where we will be led to that will help us through certain things...Like this board, if I wasn't on here I wouldn't have seen the post to watch the show that told me I am not alone...

    It may also not be the healthiest to always worry about the ones you love, but we were brought together for a reason...Some people never find true love, those are the ones I feel the most compassion for...I know I have been blessed!!! There, that's a good ending, I have been blessed!
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    a real huckster. A fat man who can sell books on how to diet.

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