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    Did anyone see Dr.Phil's show last night on drug addition? If so lets hear your thoughts on how it will affect people like us that really need pain meds. I have already e-mailed his show with my thoughts on the subject, how people who really need that kind of medication can't get it because of shows like that and people like her that uses the system to get her drugs. I am begging him to do a show for people with Fibro and get us some help for what good it does. Please lets all swap his show with e-mails everyday if that what it takes to get his attention, also his buddy Oprah. I am going to do it everyday if I can until they do a show, come on I need your help.
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    I think it was valid, this lady really had a problem, but she is an example of someone who is psychologically addicted. I don't know if she was originally taking the meds for pain treatment, and even if she was, for her it turned into something else.

    She is a nurse, working in a addiction treatment facility herself! It was very sad how she was caught up in her addiction, which is a disease itself.

    There are doctors who are addiction specialists, and that is where she was getting treatment from Dr. Phil

    In this world, there will always be people who abuse narcotic meds, but there will also be people who legitimately need the meds and don't abuse them. I know doctors are afraid and in a way, you can't blame them.

    Sometimes, we are not aware of the bad experiences our doctors may have already had. This particular lady saw several different doctors to get her meds. She was so sick in her addiction.
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    Yes I know first hand that this is a valid disorder. My youngest sister was almost just like this lady and used the sysem to get her drugs, she was a CNA and she died last year at the age of 41. So I can understand both sides, what I am saying is that we need to ban together to get the world to see our side of this awful disabilty that we share.
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    I watched the show last night. It was really hard to watch. What really struck me was when she said she did not look like a drug addict. SHE DID LOOK LIKE A DRUG ADDICT TO ME. LOOKED LIKE SHE CAME RIGHT OFF THE STREET. I don't think most of us have anything to worry about. I think most people who take pain medicine for pain do not become addictied. I could be wrong but in my case I can not take pain medication for long periods of time. When My back gets really bad I may take pain medication for a few days untill I get it calmed down and then I don't take it any more untill I have another attack.
    I try very hard not to get too tierd . If I over do it I can expect to be useless for a few days. But I am retired so I have the luxruary to take it easy and maintain my pain. It's a full time job. Maintaining pain.
    I 've also had two knee replacements. (in one year) Knee replacements require lots of pain medication. At least it did for me. I have no knee pain now and it's been 3 years. But I did take vicadon off and on for a full year. I keep vicadon all the time but I don't take it because now it makes me sick at my stomach. But I keep it on hand in case my back goes out and I can't get out of bed. Vioxx was a great pain reliver for me.
    What I'm trying to say is I never got addicted to pain medication and I had to take it many years before I had knee surgery. But I also consider it a blessing. So to those of you who take a lot of pain medication for pain, just be aware of the possibilities of addictions. Take your pain medication for your pain. Take care..........Carle
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    I didn't see Dr. Phil;'s show last timr,and don't watch it now. I don't think people get addicted to drugs if they really need them. One shouldn't take strong meds. for minor pain. But if it's serious pain(as most of us have) you won't become addicted. Just my opinion. Mary
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    I didn't see the show but I can just imagine what it was like .. I totally agree with dncnfngrs ! .. keep that soap box out girl ! haha
    Fudge : )
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    Speaking as someone whose last job was in a treatment center, someone whose CFIDS became active during that job, and someone who is an alcoholic and addict who has been clean and sober for over 16 years:
    --you literally would not believe how many times it is the DOCTOR who is to blame. Our clients would go for a dental appointment, and come back with a bottle of Vicodin. This after we told the dentist 2-3 times that this person has been addicted to heroin for 6 years, so PLEASE don't give them any narcotic meds.
    --it is astounding that in our society today, med school students still recieve more formal instruction on how to bill Medicare than in how to treat addiction.
    --We are in the beginning stages of "sweeps month," where everyone will drag out their most sensational stories of the fall. Expect very little other than sex, drugs and violence until the end of November.
    --When I visited Colombia six years ago, a comment I heard more than once was, "If your government doesn't like the drugs, why don't they help the people who want to stop taking them" !!!!
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    How are you contacting them. I am on board with this and will help you.

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    In the past I have emailed Dr. Phil, Oprah, Maury, Montel and others. I can't even remember all the different shows I have emailed over the last few years about doing a show on Fibro and have never heard back from any. I thought with Montel having a muscle diseases that he might have one and I sent more than 1 email to these places.

    At the time I remmeber thinking that maybe the "publicity" would help get the word out there and maybe then more money would go into research.

    I don't think it would hurt to start a writeing them again though.

    I did not see the show that you're talking about but I'll go to his web page and read what they say about yesterday's show.

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    aired back in May. But I thank all of you for your comments. I too have e-mailed every show I can think of over and over again. Until they suffer like we do I don't think they will ever understand.

    My 2 grown daughters don't understand, they are always asking me to do for them things that I have told them that I can't do. I think if I told them I was on my deathbed they wouldn't believe me.

    Hugs to everyone

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    The following was very helpful to me; it help me to understand pain and addiction. I've kept this information in my health file on my computer and when I need to use it I do. I hope you get some relief after reading it. I sent it along to Oprah and Dr. Phil. I hope everyone in our group will do the same. It wasn't hard to find their email addresses.


    When taken as prescribed by your doctor, opioids are among the safest drugs available.

    Oxycontin, like other opioids, is safe for patients who take their medicine as prescribed. “Oxycontin deaths” occur in habitual substance abusers, not patients, and are usually the result of combining the drug with overdoses of alcohol and other drugs. These are deaths associated with Oxycontin, not caused by it, and they are not occurring in patients.


    Opioids can be discontinued whenever they are no longer needed. Patients often recover from chronic pain, and return to active lives.


    Opioid addiction in pain patients is extremely rare. Addiction is defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine as, continued use in spite of harm. If opioids make your life better by controlling pain, you are a pain patient. If they make your life worse, and you continue to use them, you are an addict.


    For most patients, their dose remains stable over long periods of time.


    When opioids are taken on a regular schedule, tolerance quickly develops, and the psychological “high” goes away, leaving the user feeling completely normal. Long-term opioid users, as a group, have driving records for accidents and violations that are the same as everyone else’s. Oxycontin is a time released medication, it doesn’t give high’s, because it is time released it is released into the system evenly and does not give that high/low feeling.


    No. Opioids improve functioning by reducing pain levels. They don’t remove all the pain, or the ability to perceive new pain.


    You may. Dependence means that if opioids are abruptly discontinued you will have a physical withdrawal reaction, similar to having the flu. This reaction can be prevented by gradually tapering off the medication. Dependence is a physical phenomenon, not a sign of addiction.


    This should not prevent a trial of opioids. Studies at Harvard Medical School and the University of Washington indicate that a past history of substance abuse has little predictive value for failure of opioid treatment. If you have current behavioral or substance abuse problems, you may have trouble with opioid treatment.


    Constipation, nausea, itching, insomnia, and drowsiness commonly occur. All of these side effects can be successfully managed


    No. Opioids occur naturally in the body, and are not harmful to any organ system. They can be taken safely for a lifetime, if necessary. Anti-inflammatory non-opioid medications such as Motrin, Naprosyn, and Vioxx, on the other hand, kill 16,500 patients each year through bleeding from the stomach, and are toxic to the liver and kidneys.


    The amount that allows optimal functioning is the correct dose. There is no upper limit to the dose of opioids that can be safely used, when the medicine is increased gradually.


    He is too scared. As part of the War on Drugs, law enforcement is conducting a witch hunt against pain doctors who prescribe opioids compassionately. Most physicians won’t risk being targeted by law enforcement, because they have families to support. As a result, chronic pain sufferers have become non-combatant casualties in the war on drugs.


    The idea that one opioid is more addictive than another is a misconception. The prevalence of opioid addiction runs far below that for other common drugs of abuse, such as tobacco, and alcohol. This is not for lack of exposure either, because 23,000,000 people have surgery each year, and most receive opioids afterwards. The fact is, most people don't like opioids, and this is borne out by experiments at NIDA, and mentioned in textbooks.

    There are clearly differences in preferences expressed by people who pursue opioids for the psychological reward they experience. So far, this is not borne out by the scientific literature, but anecdotal evidence really leaves little doubt.

    The mistake often made, is using this preference observation to jump to the conclusion that one opioid, such as Oxycontin, is more addictive than another. The flaw in this reasoning is the extrapolation that because there are preferences for specific opioids within the population of abusers, this means that certain opioids can cast some sort of evil spell over the rest of us. This simply isn't the case. The fact remains that most human beings still aren't inclined to abuse opioids.

    I agree with your observation that oxycodone is more effective in the treatment of pain than many other opioids. It seems to be the case, that the more effective opiods are also those preferred for their psychological effects. For the reasons discussed above, this would not be a problem for the field of pain management, except that doctors are blamed for not preventing abusers, who would find a source of opioids anyway, from getting what they prefer.

    The phenomenon of tolerance prevents chronic pain sufferers from experiencing the psychological rewards that abusers pursue. Paradoxically, they take too much, to be able to get high.

    Frank B. Fisher, MD

    Our Chronic Pain Mission
    Copyright 2000
  12. rosed2

    rosed2 New Member

    for all the replies, they were all helpful

  13. hdbubblehead

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    I know how the story goes. It seems to me, these days, everyone is taking pills from the prescription pads, or they find a way to get it, because EVERY person I know, is taking some kind of pain medication from a doctor or dentist or otc. It's a booming business & the Doctor's are leary of prescribing pain medications therefore putting great stress & unnessary agony for the person trying to cope with chronic painful diseases or overlapping medical conditions onto people who require what are considered very strong pain medications for long term and/or lifetime use. Maybe my words will shed some light in the direction of those "professionals" who have yet to come to terms with who is addicted and who is in a treatment program to "manage" serious dibilitating pain levels caused by anything considered to be medically or mentally inflicted.
    (and painfully true also is....I don't really care if I am labled "addicted to medicine". Just Please GOD, don't let me suffer) I gave up a relationship because I refused to live in pain, then with the person who I cared about.
    That was painful. There is no pill for heartaches, I can assure you that.....I am writing my thoughts for those who are on the opposing side of who is addicted to drugs. I am writing to maybe help someone else share these words with there loved ones, on their behalf. Maybe YOU are new to pain, or pain meds, and maybe you will find a sentence in here that can help you explain to someone why it is important that they support you and your medications that are prescribed. Hopefully I will not offend anyone, that is not my intention. I am openly writing my feelings on this subject.
    Let me make it clear. I live with some form of pain,nearly everyday of my life and some times it is unbearable to the point of having to take a medication(s) which will help me control the severe point of crying it out, sleeping through it, screeming or fighting about it in total frustration with self or others, or using it to the point that I....... just might be an addict. AND THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT WITH CHRONIC PAIN- THERE IS NO OTHER OPTIONS.
    The only thing I "feel" is relief from agonizing pain.
    If you take the time to read my thoughts, I will give you some ideas on how to explain your pain to someone who can not relate to your medical condition/disease(s) and hopefully you will be spared some of the grief I have encountered because of life with Chronic Pain.
    .... it's a scary thing to know the pharmasist is taking anti-depressants-as she shared with me last time I picked up a prescription. she rang up the total as I asked her if she knew how the medication might affect me at the beggining of taking the pills.
    she said; "oh, I take those too" (as she giggled and smiled and seemed so happy to be working)
    I was a bit surprized because I don't feel giggly and happy to even be out of my bed most of the time, even taking anti-depressants. GO FIGURE ?

    There is something lacking, big time in the system,
    about opiates/narcotics when it comes to the "triplicate" side of the board-
    demerol, morphine,dolophine..
    what Emergency room doctors call-"drug of choice"
    and who doesn't look and feel so peaceful as one who is counting backwards while being IV with liquid valium.
    life and death- I have seen it so many times, but I have seen death more and in horrible tragic ways that I am forever heartbroken. We don't die from pain, we die from the causes of- but one does not need to suffer with pain.

    This ongoing question of "who is an addict and who is not" is hurting the people who really require strong medication, and I think it could be controlled alot better if everyone had to go through an educational program prior to the use of these stronger medications.

    It has been said... addicts are people who desire to "feel something" other, than the way they feel normally.
    Meaning, an "addiction" to anything. In these writings
    I am only addressing PAIN treatment care, not any other conditions,eehhh hem...some late night thoughts from me, because I can't sleep anyway, with the pain in my neck right now. (using ice) it's a long read so get something to drink....
    HERE IS AN IDEA FOR THE TABLE OF DISCUSSION- after a certain amount of treatment time, say...
    two appointments for the same condition(s) of pain, offer the patient an educational program for ways to treat their pain. (not acute pain-which would require only one or two times of semi-strong pain meds)like Vicodin,Valium,Xanax,Percodan etc.)depending on the usual treatment for the medical condition. again, I am only speaking of medications I have been treated with in acute situations, ie: stitches, muscle spasms, sprains, shock, dental.only if they were not long term.
    Then, if a doctor notices the Pain Meds needing refills, time after time, allow the patient to join a continuing Pain Management Program, so the patient can learn about Chronic pain- sooner than later. The patient would have to put forth some effort to learn about the different ways to (key word) = Manage their different levels of pain, & knowing when & how to use the medications, therefore, being accountable to the doctor & pharmacy for each pill taken. I believe this would make it alot more difficult for the "weekend partier" to obtain pills for the "feeling" rather than combat someone who is truely suffering day after day. This way, the doctor does not have to say no, to stronger pain meds,if there is a real cause for pain. Who can really judge "who has a need for pain meds and who does not"?
    Any reasonable person knows the characteristics of an addict or someone who is really hurting.
    I would say I am now both. sounds silly.
    I have pain almost constantly. I know my limits and I usually allow myself to go past those painful limits, therefore causing me greater distress in the areas of pain.
    I would scream (like in the movie, terms of endearment"- give my daughter the shot!!!!!) if you have not seen this movie, you ought to. It's a story of love, life, pain, death and peace.

    ****A story- someone I knew, instantly & grossly broke the "little toe" when walking briskly in the dark, hitting the corner of a couch. He called out...darn, I broke my toe. (no yelling, no cursing) I drove him to the ER. it was nearly 8 hours waiting for the final outcome, xrays,
    they pulled, slipped, & had to pull again to straighten.
    He did not say more then Ouch & make a scrunched face.
    the doctor prescribed Vicodin, we filled the prescription but I don't think he took more then 2 while the toe healed.
    (I used the remaining 10 for my painful times, as if I would toss them out?) don't make a chronic pain sufferer laugh!!! bahahahhaha.) just kidding.
    why could he tolerate that pain, and I could not?
    Does that mean I crave whatever is in the pill that makes the pain stop or subside, therefore, makes me addicted?
    some would say yes. I say- I don't honestly know.
    I don't care either. Just give me the shot!!!!!!

    I have no control how my body reacts to pain levels, or why they are so extreem in levels I can not tolerate.
    Yet, I have suffered through some horrible motorcycle, car and boat accidents and hit the ground plenty of times while training horses, yet not a tear. mostly a growning sound after being unconcious. I have had my face stitched, knee operations, abdominal operations, head concussions, abrasions, bruises and not said a word at times of great pains, but........GIVE ME THE SHOT !!! I am tired of suffering. Why should we have to hurt.There may not be a cure for a disease or condition, but darn it, there is a cure for chronic pain! can I get an amen??

    I ask, why in the world should I be made to suffer when there is a medication made to help me cope, to help me control, to help me MANAGE the different levels of pain I must endure? And I am not saying, if you have pain, take a pill. I have used every way known, over the years to "deal with" pain from ice to tears.

    ***A story-
    I KNOW a woman, age 85 yrs. she is taking close to 14 vicodin per day for severe pain. I would beg her to ask her doctor for Vicodin to help her just at night, telling her, in all honesty it would help her with the chronic pain- perephreal neropathy,shingles,and diabetic. I didn't know what caused what pain, but I knew something about pain meds, and Vicodin was a usual prescription for toothaches, etc & it wouldn't hurt, & what if it helped?
    She was so afraid of medications for pain. In the old days, they would hit the whiskey bottle then fall into bed.
    Well, thank GOD she didn't drink, or she would be a drunk.
    that's who usually got drunk, in the movies to "kill the pain" after a bullet, or amputation,people would drink whiskey right out of the bottle, right?
    she doesn't get the same effect as when first prescribed because her body has become "immune" to the ingredients. She can't possibly know what "is in" Vicodin-
    which helps take the first hour of pain away, but she also does not know what is harming her other organs nor does she care- because she just can't bare the pain her body suffers, without the Vicodin. Her tolerance for pain is unbearable, though she is mentally alert & enjoys being active & travel, etc.
    I ask you, (or Oprah) is she an addict? NO......
    (she is my Aunt) and she cries quietly with pain everyday for the past couple of years. Disease's and age have taken there toll and she is in chronic pain. I have asked her for the past year to go to the pain management care,we have under our medical policy. I am happy to say, she has been to her first orientation. She is on her way to getting some restful days and nights as she should have.
    Hey, the pain management course, is a pain, But, there is a cure for the pain when the doctor's there, find the right dose and medication Just For You. custom fit!

    "Pain Management"- have to be accountable for each and every pill, and see the doctor as often as he requests.
    No room for error. It's not a game. I hope there will be a pain management in every doctor's office or reference to one wherever there are medical facilities.

    It's not easy to keep records of pain levels, how your pain is modified by "levels- 0-10", etc.
    keeping a daily journal and all that. drugies, would not last. That would be a good start to get a new system in order to keep the people who are addicts separated from those who are in other need of daily, strong medication to survive pain.
    (ps, It's explained very well under Mermaid01-she posted
    about Dr. Phil's show on the message board.
    The pain management program I attend is listed nearly the same way and now my Aunt is in a program too.
    I believe the argueements would stop and opiate medications for pain sufferers would be justified by an ongoing, custom fit program to help eleviate pain sufferers accross the board.
    If the blame game would stop, and we could find the VIP's
    who would make the changes in our medical system.
    ps. I lost on both times I appealed for disability. I had a bias Judge, who had already made his decision on my case, (I know because I accidently saw HIS file)
    The Holy Bible says: GOD has appointed all authority.So, he will have his day in court too! ha!
    What I am saying is this......do your best, leave the rest....... GOD IS IN CONTROL. (even when pain is outa control). TAKE CARE......BLESS ALL WHO READ EACH WORD, it took me 3 hours to write this for you. :)
    I hope you gave it 30 minutes. xx hugs...hd.

  14. Bambi

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    a blind man is a wasted effort. Those who do not educate themselves on a subject will continue to say things that are incorrect, irrational and contrary to fact. The louder you protest their foolishness the more most of them will come back with "Me thinks thou doest protest too much" sort of replies. Just keep handing information from reliable sources to the ignorant, forget arguing with those who are headstrong and hell bent on pertetuating inaccuracy.

    Like "Dr" Phil you will rarely see a
    "therapist" who does not have an MD and cannot prescribe medications who will be FOR medications. If more people who also remember that psychiatry is a THEORY and NOT a SCIENCE it will help. Millions of prescriptions are written every year for "chemical embalances" by people in the psychiatric field..when there is NO evidence that "chemical embalances" even exist.

    They will admit, if honest, that they don't know what makes people depressed or whatever or WHY the medications "seem" to help, but they just keep handing them out. I've only known two psychiatrists personally and both knew what they were talking about because both had mental problems..and the things they "knew" about were just how it "feels" to be nuts.

    Oprah is paying out $100,000 dollars of her own money to catch child molesters. A good thing. But did she
    have her molester (her cousin?) put in jail or stopped? I don't recall her saying she did, only that she had asked him "Why"..like asking a fly why it likes filth..but instead of squishing the fly leaving it to go on about it's habits with others.

    I watch some of their shows if they have a subject I am interested in but I put them only slightly above Jerry
    Springer in that he puts the whole nitty gritty out there to his target audience of gritties. They go for the sensational for ratings as one person said. And OH how PERFECT they are in their personal lives and families. Really? I don't care personally but one lives with someone in what was once considered illegal and impure conditions. And the other would be an unknown on a bookshelf if the first hadn't put him on the show and pushed his "briliance". Note Dr. Phil gets most of his information and advice from other "experts" and then stands up and relays the information often saying "Isn't that right Dr. So and So?".

    Here yesterday his show was on one of the women who used to be on Sex and the City who has out two books on sex. He was very "taken" with her and
    her book and I wonder if his wife was in the audience vibrating with at least some jealousy. I think maybe she should have been. But people tune in and listen to the two of them, she a housewife, on how to have the perfect marriage. Do they have the perfect marriage, kids etc as they seem to? Who knows! More to the point, who cares!

    He and Oprah both have a one sided uneducated and uninformed opinion on
    medications when taken for pain. They are also headstrong and unwilling to even consider there might be another side to it. She once did a show on someone with CFS who CURED herself with EXERCISE! Whoopee. I hope she did, but I doubt she ever had it.

    She has NEVER had anyone on who was home bound or bedridden with severe chronic pain and never will. For her what money can't fix or buy, and with her fortunate good health, she is not
    interested in things that don't have a happy or easy ending. She only has an hour after all and we hardly fit into the hour fix.

    So, I used to write to her with out so much as a "we got your letter" in reply so I quit. She will NOT listen until SHE wakes up with one of these dd's and that probably won't happen at this stage in her gilded life.
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    all your responses are very interesting and I am going to paim management as we speak. I need all the help that I can get dealing with the daily pain. At this time I am unable to work after working for 35 years sometimes 2 jobs.

    During the last 10 years I would take whatever I had to just to make it through the workday. I had to work, I had no choice. My husband is now working 14 hour days to take up my slack and I feel so quilty.

    Pray that the bulging disc and spinal problems that I also have at this time will ease up so that I can hunt another job as my last employer fired me 2 weeks ago.

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  17. hdbubblehead

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    bump. California Dr. phil show.for those who didn't see it.
  18. Tigger57

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    I cannot stand Dr. Phil. I think he is a pompous a$$. When I saw him belittle someone who was very obese and was obviously in a lot of pain, I lost it.

    His idea that you must be gaining something by liveing your life this way and you can change almost made my foot go through the TV.


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