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    Has anyone seen him? or know anything about him? I just saw him onthe discovery health chanel. He is located in CT.
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    I did a search with his name and lyme. Sounds like a good lyme doc to me but have never spoken to any of his patients. Being on the board of directors for ILIADS is impressive.

    Dr. Raxlen’s presentation is titled “Integrative Treatment Strategies in Lyme Borreliosis and Co-infections with Emphasis on Neuropsychiatric and Neurological Conditions.” Dr Raxlen will discuss how he integrates and individualizes medical, nutritional and behavioral approaches in the treatment of his patients.

    A private practitioner, Dr. Raxlen combines his specialties as internist and psychiatrist and has successfully treated over 1500 cases of persistent Lyme disease. He is one of the few psychiatrists in the United States to utilize a comprehensive treatment program for depression, panic disorder, bipolar mood disorder, epilepsy, ADD, memory loss, and sleep disorder, all of which may accompany Lyme disease.

    Dr Raxlen practices in Greenwich, CT and is on the Board of Directors of ILADS, The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, www.ilads.org He will also be presenting a talk on “Family Co-Infection Syndrome” at the ILADS’ 2003 Annual Scientific Conference on November 15th, 2003.

  3. momurph

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    He is the most wonderful Dr. re lyme. He saved my life and still see him. let me know. thnx.

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