Dr. Richard Brunos Book On PPS(FMCFS)

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    I just finished the book called "The Polio Paradox" - it was very intersting reading.. The link between the illnesses is truly amazing- Dr. Bruno is located in NJ - He specializes in PPS,FMS, CFS and these neuorological disorders are so alike it astonished me.

    I e-mailed him out of desparation to see if I could go to his clinic-I told him my dx with polio at 5 and explained I am without insurance now- it would cost $1100.00 to go through the clinic- they have a whole team there-Of course I cannot go this distance and do not have $$$ for this. But I have contacted another clinic in Syracuse NY which is closer and my therapist really wants me to think about going there. She is going to look into what we might have missed about health insurance for me.

    She thinks, with my DH being totally diasabled and housebound- there should be something for me. I thanked her because I about came to the end of my rope with everything...

    Just wanted to let you all know- this doctor really sounds like he knows his stuff.

    hugs Janet
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    I have heard of this before, but as far as I know I never had it...

    which, from what I've read, doesn't mean I didn't, as not everyone gets symptoms, can be very mild.

    Please let us know what happens? I have no doubt that this has affected a certain subpopulation of CF/FM patients. Sometimes I wonder about the vaccinations, too.

    all the best,
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    I have also read that some people have had polio without knowing it. I am really interested in this. I hope you keep us posted on what you find out.

    What are the symptoms of non paralytic polio?

    I have written the title down and am going to ask if I can borrow this book from our library. Thanks

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
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    Yes, there are alot of people that could have had polio and did not even know they had it.. Even after the vaccines came out. People that had born before 1960 still could have been at risk. Some of signs: Fatigue(moderate to severe);Difficulty sleeping,weakness in new muscles, twitching, spasms,(these do not even have to be in area(s) that were affected by the polio. Arthitis, scoliosis,etc.

    The polio virus, they have found has affected motor neurons and over the years the wear and tear on the body and mind has killed alot of our neurons with age. It just is so amazing the similiarties between the illnesses. The book talks mainly about polio but there are a couple chapters and some areas through the book where Dr. Bruno talks about the diseases.

    I had polio in my left leg- I did not need crutches only special orthopedic shes where one heal was higher to balance me out.. My leg was shorter and thinner than the other. I had to do these exercises with weights on my bad leg to strengthen the muscles. I went through this for a few years and than excelled like everyone. Polio Survivors are 'Type A' people where they push to the limit and the more they keep pushing and aging the more damage that can be done.

    Sorry, so long- gotta get off this computer- neck is killing me- I have finally started listening to my body and can say I started getting affects in my good leg about 25 years ago or so... But just blew it off.

    Be well - Hugs(yes get the book if you want to know about PPS and Richard Bruno is a good writer- you can understand it.
    Janet(not dx'd yet- but there maybe a way I can get to a polio clinic with help of my therapist.
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    Hi Janet,

    I've been in Syracuse NY for 2 years and have yet to find a doctor with a clue. Who are you seeing?

    Please keep us posted on your progress.