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  1. cristine04

    cristine04 New Member

    Hello All,

    Was wondering about this physician, Dr. Richhard Podell, in New Jersey. Who has seen him and what were the impressions. I am especially interested in those who saw him and have more long-term appraisals to offer.

    Thanks so much!
  2. helpeachother

    helpeachother New Member

    Hi Cristine, I have the spaghetti list of diagnoses, starting from undiagnosed Lyme years ago, including CFIDS, FM, MCS, etc etc. I am totally disabled and suffering greatly, like most folks here.

    Besides God, Dr Podell has been one of the most important reasons I continue to maintain hope. He is honest, he knows his stuff about these diseases and new and old treatments.

    Dr Podell treats the current symptoms while never seeming to close his mind to the big picture and new ideas and goes to many conferences, as well as writing and teaching. He does not assume anything, and will listen to what I am saying to him as his patient.

    I could go on for hours, but I won't, you could try his website www.drpodell.org and go to see him if at all possible. Good luck and try hard. Peace
  3. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    are either of you still seeing this doctor? I'm considering him for 2007 & wonder how things are progressing for you?
  4. badge53nj

    badge53nj New Member

    I am also interested in seeing Dr. Podell. I called his office and you will be sent forms to fill out. along with these forms they wanted $100.00 to hold an appointment. They do not accept my insurance so they want another $550.00 when I get to my appointment. After that it sound like the patient will be seen 2 or 3 more times, but not necessarily by Dr. Podell.
    I still have Dr. Podell on my list, but for now he is just too expensive.
    I have gone to two infectious disease doctors and they are worthless. I also suggest going to the web site mentioned.
    Good luck, evelyn

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