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    Hi all---

    I had my second rheumie appt. yesterday and I'm really confused at this point. I thought this Dr. was okay the first time I met him but now I'm starting to wonder about him. First of all, although he told me to file for SSDI last month he still has not written my letter. Yesterday he tells me "by the way your bloodwork was good" so I asked him what that meant and he says it means you have FMS.
    All he really did was increase my meds and tell me he wants me to exercise and he'll see me next month.
    I meet a woman to other day in the health food store who overheard me say i had fibromyalgia and we began to talk. She tells me the Dr. that diagnosed her case was the neurologist that sent me to this rheumie. Why could the neurologist diagnosis her and not me? According to him all the MRI'S were normal, yet he told me that he felt it was FMS and the rheumie had to do the actual diagnosis since it was out of "his relm". Also if my bloodwork was good, how can they know I have FMS? Can anyone explain this, am I going to have problems when the insurance companys start looking at the results of these tests?
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    The only diagnostic tool available for a definite dx of FM is the Tender Point check. Other than that the rest is a dx of exclusion. They run the tests to rule out other possiblities. If they are all negative, showing you have no other problem, then the doc can give a more definitive dx of FM. Hope that makes sense.

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    Thanks Barbara--
    I was just concerned that I will have a hassle with the insurance companies.
    I liked this Dr. the first time I met him but yesterday was a little weird. I'm not suffering from depression but I have every other alignment of this DD. He wants me to exercise stating that I'm in good shape and that's the only way I'll get rid of this. Well , I worked out everyday before this and now I'm in so much pain I can't bring myself to starting up again because I know I'll have even more pain .
    Thanks again,
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    Work yourself up to exercise. You can begin with some simple stretches of you neck, legs, back, wherever you are having tightness in your muscles. I have CFS and NMH and so I can't stand or exercise without putting myself into worse shape. But I do try to stretch regularly.

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    I have never heard of finding fibromyalgia in bloodwork either
    also I agree, he must have been ruling-out anything else. My doctor takes my blood samples about every 3 months, he says, just to make sure nothing else is going on. These tests should word to your advantage as they show nothing else is wrong with you and you have been diagnosed with FM from the insurance companies point of view. It doesn't matter who told you only that you've been told without going to 13 doctors like a lot of people.
    Hope this helps.........basket21
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    thanks for the information.
    I was just concerned that I would be getting a hard time again. I am waiting for this Dr. to write my letter for my LTD, so hopefully things will get better.