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    ok well i went to the doctors today which was 1 hrs drive from where i live in the rain. yuck! that sucked. anyway she gave me a med for my migraine called fioricet and then she gave me an inhaler for my asthma which I now have she said i have a heart murmer also she wants me to get blood work done to check for rheurmaterd arthritis dueto my joints hurting in the mornings when i wake up my mother has arthritis and they initaly thought she had lupus. I'm concerned like i said i have been sick more times this year then i have since childhood. please any advice would be appriciated if anyone has gone through this.

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    You may want to change the title of your post so people know what your question is...you will probably get more responses from people who are on the same med. You can do that by clicking on edit under your name and than making the change. Hope you get some responses!~~~Laura
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    Here's my comments:

    1. I used to have migraines from the time I was 18 until around age 40. I'm 54 now. I was given Fioricet once, but it did not help.

    What helped me was being put on a beta blocker. Somehow, they control your blood pumping through your heart/brain and control headaches. I was put on a med called Lopressor ... and I'm still on it.

    I was also put on Zoloft, an antidepressant. It along with the Lopressor really helped keep them under control.

    If you don't have the vomiting, etc. with all your migraines, some of your headaches might be severe tension headaches. If so, then maybe an anti-anxiety med would be more beneficial than an antidepressant.

    You could discuss this info with your doctor on your next visit.

    2. Regarding your asthma. An inhaler is appropriate for it; however, you must take it every day, not just when you think you need it. (That is, if the doc ordered it for every day .... I'm not trying to dispense medical advice here!!!)

    3. I, too, have a heart murmur. They are nothing to worry about. If you are concerned, do some research on it on the internet and then make a list of questions to ask your doc about the next time you have an appt.

    4. I would follow your docs advice and get the bloodwork done to see if you have R.A., especially since your mother has a history of arthritis.

    You might just have osteoarthritis ... as my doc calls it, the "every day, wear and tear arthritis."

    5. When the blood tests are done for R.A., the doc might also be able to tell if you have Lupus.

    Do you have any of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia? A blood test will NOT help diagnose it.

    (I have severe osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus (SLE type).

    6. If you had R.A., Fibro, or Lupus -- this might explain why you have been getting sick more often this last year.

    These diseases are autoimmune diseases which will compromise your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to getting sick. Then when you get sick, it's harder for you to recover.

    7. Since you are getting sick more often, I personally would suggest:

    - getting a flu shot NOW, even though it is late in the season.

    - take a good multivitamin/multimineral supplement each day.

    - take extra vitamin C during the cold/flu season

    - if you are the age where heart issues may be of concern, make an appt. with a cardiologist for a workup, telling him that you just learned that you have a heart murmur and want to make sure that everything else about your heart checks out ok.

    I hope this has helped you.

    Happy New Year - may the new year offer you better health!

    P.S. I'm still on an antidepressant -- have been for years and years, was because of the headaches, now to help control chronic pain.

    I recently became aware of a new antidepressant out - thanks to the fibro message board - called Cymbalta. It also helps with muscle and joint pain. It works, too! I am on a 30 mg dose daily, and it most definitely has helped reduce my muscle and joint pain. It is also approved for diabetics (which I am one). Some people work up to a 60 mg. dose of Cymbalta .... but since the 30 mg works for me, why take more than you need?
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    well thanks for the advice and replying to my post i justwasnt sure im not used to writing down things to have people reply i'm not good at opening myself up to people. anyways the doctor put me on the inhaler for my astham i aws just diagnosed with. I"m not exactly sure what the sypmtoms are of fibro could you please explain more. sure I'll edit my profile. I was also just recentlly diganosed with digeorge syndrome when my daughter was born seems that i am a carrier of this and pasat it on to my daughter to learn more you can visit her website i'llpost it later. We have a blood clotting disorder called vonwillebrandts disease and she had oepn heart operation at 1 day old. anyhow i'll go do my profile now. thanks again for replying.

    amy loves rob
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    Unfortunately, I don't have time to tell you a lot about fibro (it's after midnight, and I've got to get to bed!), but I can later, or you can go over to the CFS & Fibro Message Board and search for symptoms, or read some of the articles in the "Library" (one of the tabs at the top of the page). It mainly causes a lot of muscle and joint pain, a lot of tender points in the body, and extreme fatigue.

    I'm not familiar with what your conditions are.

    Have you worked any in your life ... long enough to get enough work credits to apply for Social Security Disability?
    Or, if you are low income, applying for SSI?

    It sounds as if you have enough problems to possibly qualify.