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    I was just wondering if anyone goes to any fm dr.s in Utica. Are there any good ones? thanx

    HURTIN New Member

    Hi Shelly

    Which location are you speaking of; Utica, NY or Utica Michigan?
  3. shelly11

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    Utica, ny
  4. shelly11

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    122 Business Park Drive
    Utica, NY 13502
    Ph: (315) 724-5353
    Relief from Pain and Swelling of your joints / Fibromyalgia
    Rheumatologists specialize in diagnosing and treating arthritis, and are trained to manage conditions involving joints,muscles and bones. We work with your Primary Care Physician to design appropriate treatment plans. How quickly arthritis progresses and how severe the pain, differs from person to person, so consistent review of the progress of your disease is important. We treat the pain, we're specialists in you.

    Martin Morell, MD is a Board Certified Rheumatologist who has been in practice for over a decade, training at the finest medical facilites and keeping current with all of the new treatments for arthritis. He is dedicated to working with patient's with Fibromyalgia and finding the correct treatment for the numerous symptoms that are associated with this disease.

    The highest compliment our community can give is the referral of their patients, friends and family to our practice. We thank you for the trust you instill in our office to treat your arthritis needs

  6. shelly11

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    I do see dr. morell at sitrin, but it is very hard to get ahold of him for meds. My lyraca is'nt covered by my ins. So of course, the pain is'nt any better. I can't even walk around the block without pain. Also, he won't fill out paperwork for ssdi. Sitting & standing for too long is painful. I just started OT, but I have all I can do to get there with no gas $$. My memory is shot and my depression and anxiety are out of this world. I just don't know what to do anymore. This has really changed my life. thanx.

    HURTIN New Member

    Shelly, why is it so hard to track Dr Morrell down for meds? Does he have office personnel? If so, you should be able to "call in" to have your prescriptions mailed to you. Have you tried contacting him personally via telephone? Depending on his popularity in the field and how effective his treatment is; it's not impossible to assume that he's extremely busy; however you can leave a message with his office staff requesting him to give you a return call.

    I'm curious. Did he say WHY he won't fill out the SSDI forms for you?

    There's a brand new online fibromyalgia support and meet-up group in your area. According to the website, it was conceived June 12, 2008 and it only has 2 members so far. (smile) you might find it interesting to join the group during conception because you won't be a newby. Maybe one of the 2 members can give you a heads up with reference to local fibro doctors. Good luck.


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