dr said fms is a mental illness

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  1. chloeuk

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    I went to see the immunologist who thought I could have cfs back in June and he nows says I have fibro because of the pain I describe. He says that its like a mental illness...like depression but instead of effecting your mood it causes your brain to think you are in pain...mmm...he has told me to up my amitriptiline by 25mg. I am confused because my illness started with a virus and I was not depressed when I first became ill...I have been very depressed in the past and never experienced anything like this..I am at a loss of what to do or where to go...living in AUstralia has its draw backs as there just arent any specialists in cfs or fibro...what does everyone think?
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    FM is not a mental illness. It is a disorder of the central nervous system. You need to see a Rheumatologist, OR at least a different doctor who is more knowledgable and sensitive to how you are feeling. Don't worry you are not alone, many people & doctors haven't a clue what FMS really is. I wish you luck in finding a better doctor to help you. Susi-di
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    Any doctor who says that is either an uninformed idiot, or a jerk. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - julie (is free!)
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    Yeah, I understand how frustrating doctors can be. I've been deeling with these issues for a VERY long time. Some of those doctors say the silliest things.

    I don't know what area you live in, but even the cfs/FM specialists here in some of the major Australian cities are a mixed bag. Mostly they seem pretty much a rip off.

    Anyhow, I'm just puting down a few tips here which may be useful.

    I know there is an aussie group which you can take a look at..never know they might have some tips. You can find it by searching yahoo health groups, then search fibromyalgia australia. Look for the group called Fibromyalgia_Support_Australia.

    Something that has probably helped with my fatigue is a drug called Creon Forte, which is available on the PBS.
    It is not really a drug as such, but more like a digestive enzyme. I found out about this from an FM friend who went to a VERY EXPENSIVE clinic that deals with problems such as FM. I asked my doctor if I could try it, and she said OK. She didn't argue at all. Take it before meals, then take any supplements within an hour. It helps you absorb more from your food. It is believed that FM/CFS people do not absorb properly.

    You could try contacting the CFS association, and the Arthritis Foundation in your area. They can have resource help such as support groups, and may have doctor suggestions.

    You may think you are alone, but these diseases are unfortunately common.

    Another point I guess is that you may actually have a virus, (or some other problem). My mother had an unidentified illness similar to FM, that eventually went away. Doctors said 'must of been a virus'. I guess there are viruses around that are not identifiable. There are things such as Ross River Virus in some areas.

    Anyhow, hang in there.
    I don't know if any of this is of any help, but my thoughts are with you.

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    and sorry if the title is misleading. I live in Brisbane..I have been upset since I came back from seeing him today. I have seen him twice before when I was having lots of neuro symptoms and he tested me for everything like ms, lupus ross river etc.

    I have hadx depression in the past but I wasnt depressed when I got ill..I had been very active and very happy, it was only after the illness had stopped me doing anything for 3 months that the depression kickedx in...I have been well with the depression for about 4 weeks but the pain started back up about 3 weeks ago.

    So I dont believe that my mental health issues have affected the other problems with my health...I have been severely depressed and had no pain..I was already on amitriptiline for the depression so he told me to just up the dose..I am going to try it and see if it helps and dust myself off and start loking for another dr...my husband usually comes with me to see him but he is overseas on business...he now wants me to see another dr as he knows me and my history of depression and knows it isnt that that is making me ill and in so much pain.

    To be honest I think the dr was relieved to dx me because when I had all the weird neuro stuff and everything came back clear he was stumped...he didnt even examine me to dx fms and I know there is clear guidelines for the diagnosis.

    Thanks again for all your kind words and I will start looking for support in my area and hopefully some drs.

  6. carebelle

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    You need to find a different Dr. who is better informed about cfs and fm.This is not a mental illness.

    Depression usually is part of a result from having this illness because out lifes change in so many ways.Learning to cope with this illness can be depressing.It can be part of the illness but not the cause of the illness.I hope that makes sence to you.

    I do not think it causes us to think we have pain, I know we do have pain

    good luck I hope you find a good Dr.
  7. chloeuk

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    I was told I had cfs 5 months ago and now he has changed his mind and says I have fibro..I know not everyone has both but they do go hand in hand from what I have read.
  8. Marta608

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    It all depends on what is meant by mental illness. If he means that it's controlled by the brain, he's right, in my opinion. Our central nervous systems allow a disfunction of our immune systems which = virus invasion, etc.

    I think your doctor means well but he read the CDC report too fast. ;>)

  9. beachwalkerbill

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    Believe it or not if you are in chronic pain long enough, you might get a little depressed.

    If you change your entire life because of pain, you might get a little depressed

    If your sleep pattern stays screwed up for a while, you might get a little depressed

    Truthfully it is all in your head. Pain interpretation occurs in your brain
    Antidepressants prevent migraines. So it’s all in your head. If some one’s foot gets chopped off . later they will get “phantom pain”. It’s all in there head ……. But it does truly hurt, no one will deny that.
  10. Jgavi

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    your dr is like one i had- changes your illness because he read a book or went to a conference- if its a mental illness than he should send you to a shrink! i would get a new dr---this guy is just guessing!
  11. doglover5

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    Sometimes I wonder if these guys got there degree out of a craker jack box! One docter told me the reason I had back pain was because I didn't walk on all fours. It couldn't possibly be from the bulging disk, scoliosis or arthritis in my spine. Maybe we should all just to to Sears Auto and have them hook us up to there diagnostic tool. Sorry I just needed to vent a little. I just listend to Bush on TV and he always makes me mad.
  12. Liz919

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    I agree with prickles. I think he just got a little confused on the definition of mental illness and fibro. The explanations I've come across have been based on the gate theory of pain. Gate theory says that after a certain point of stimulus your brain opens a gate in your spine which releases some sort of pain response chemical. The theory I've heard the most (during my dr's visits) was that with Fibro the gates have loose locks and your brain needs barely any stimulus to open them therefore almost everything hurts because your gates are always open. I agree with the others though that you may want to find another doctor...I'm not completely sure an immunologist is the right one for this illness. And to the no doctors in Australia below is a link to the "good doctors list" for australia. It's the doctors that have been recommended by other fm/cfids patients.
    http://www.co-cure.org/AU_ALL.htm Hope that helps!!
  13. sues1

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    I watched the video and appreciate the info.

    I was first Dx with Fibro..later CFIDS. Some think they are the same. We do not know enough yet to be sure.

    There has to be some relationship for sure.

    Some only gets the Fibro Dx and not the CFIDS Dx and so not know they also have it. Some Drs. are not enough educated on these illnesses to know themselfs, or just plain does not think they are real illnesses.

    Plain and simple. I appreciate this being a Fibro and a Cfids message board. I know that I am somewhat bias on it, but the two go together in many ways. I feel that ones with Fibro would miss out on info on CFIDS that they might have themselfs. Of anything that both illnesses has, we find answers also by being both a CFIDS and FIBRO board.

    I would not appreciate or learn by it being divided. It is easy enough to go through and not read about CFIDS if you have the fibro DX only.

    Blessings to everyone...........Susan