Dr said I have mono-Epstein barr is the virus-how long sick?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darlee, Apr 21, 2003.

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    A week or so ago I had excruiciating sore throat-couldn't talk barely, had to blend food and grind pills-finally went to my family dr. Blood tests came back-mono-he said rest drink lots of water, pace self ect. Duh! I do that now- then he said given your other health problems(cfs and fibro) you will not probably regain your regular energy level and activity until November. November!!! My question is this-do cfs patients have this EPV all the time? I have been tired before this and have always had sore glands-but not like this-I am soooooooooo exhausted-I almost canceled the dr. appt. cause I couldn't stay awake very long-I keep crawling back into bed. Any one have mono before or Epstein Barr virus-does it subside? How long until it does?
    Any advice?

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    I'm sorry you are feeling so lousy with this. I had mono in college (long before getting FM), I just remember having the absolute worst sore throat EVER, and it brought new meaning to the word "tired"-----even since FM, I have never had that kind of fatigue......I recovered by taking lots of supplements. Do some research if you are able (I know feeling the way you do, it's hard) but find supplements that strengthen the immune system and strengthen your liver---mono takes a big toll on your liver. If you can afford it & know of a good nutritionist in your area that you trust or others recommend, I think it'd be worth a consultation by phone (mono is contagious & you probably don't feel like an in-person visit anyway) to get a good, comprehensive list of vitamins & supplements tailored to treating mono. I wish I could remember more, my Mom researched all of this for me years ago when I had it. I just remember having an enlarged liver, & taking supplements specific to healing the liver, and taking therapeutic quantities of meds, rather than just maintenence doses. I do know that I got back on my feet in record time (of course I wasn't dealing with the add'l burden of FM or CFS then) & I credit my vitamin regimen for this & making sure I got more sleep than the average college student.

    Good luck with this & I hope you start healing from this, I know it's very discouraging to think you have such a long road ahead of you.....

    Sending prayers for a faster recovery,
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    Darlee, I also had mono and epstein barr. Yes it does subside but unfortunately it takes longer for us then a person in better health. I do not know your age but I was 30 which was also a factor. Have heard 16 year olds can get back to normal in a matter of weeks whereas it took me a year. Hopefully it will not take this long for you.

    Dr. took blood once a month for a year and a half to determine when epstein barr virus was gone.

    CFS and Fibro make you tired and weak but mono knocks you out! Hang in there and "This to shall pass." Let us know how you are doing.