dr said i have 'separation anxiety' now.......

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  1. homesheba

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    yep- its all about going to a shrink.
    if they cant help you then 'its all in 'my 'head. GRRRR!!!!!!
    i went to my internal med dr yesterday
    cause i am having so much
    memory problems and cognitive problems
    that have escalated alot
    -plus terrible weakness,
    (it must be the fibro.. surely i think-)
    but to be on the safe side i thought
    id get cked out,
    since it is much much worse...
    after him hee- hawing around for awhile,
    he pops up and says that he'll do more blood work,
    and a cat scan and then for me to see a phycatrist
    and talk it all out cause
    surely i must be having trouble
    from moms passing last sept 29th..
    sure i miss mom alot,
    but im not freaking out over it.
    i know she is better off,
    and i am the one stuck with a nu- nu head dr!
    that sure was money wasted.
    i should have known-
    i should have known-
  2. texasrose204

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    Is your dr the one who has dx you with fm? There alot of emointal problems, i am not trying to be funny i can't even spell that word right. tried several times see i too struggle with things that were never a problem.(spelling)
    anyway was wondering if your dr thougt the memory etc was not something related to fm?
    I have it bad some days worse other days i am my old self.
    The days i have it bad i feel down right stupid!
    Don't feel bad!
    I had to got to physc. for my mental eval. for ssdi last week. It was a bad week i cried alot in there. Also felt real stupid when i left from the questions he had asked. But if it would have been a good day i could have handled it better. Do you find you have days like that? this is something that i find has gotten worse alot with my other problems.
    I am sorry you had a bad day, hope today will be better!
  3. jasminetee

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    I like how you wrote that like a poem. That doctor who thinks it's emotional is wrong in my opinion too. He just doesn't know what we are dealing with and ignorance doesn't believe what it cannot see.

    I hope you can find a better doctor. You might try asking for referrals from a support group near you.

    Sorry about your mother passing too.

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  4. kitteejo

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    I just went to my family doc yesterday to let him know that I decided to apply for SSDI. I admitted to him that I was afraid to leave my house now and when I'm out I just want to get home soon. Also I have started getting anxiety attacks when I'm in a noisy room or stressful or confusing situation.

    He gave me a name of a psychiatrist to see. I thought it was for a psy evaluation but now I'm not sure.

    Called the psy office and asked to have a psy evaluation for SSDI and she calls me back and says I have 20 visits approved by my insurance. What! I'm not doing 20 visits.

    Very confused today on what I should do.


  5. texangal81

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    I graduated at the ripe age of 37 from the University of Houston with a 3.85, was a Rhodes Scholar Candidate, AND continued to do well in graduate school. A few years later I earned a difficult computer certification without flunking a single test. I then became a highly respected support analyst for a large sofware company in Houston, with many people praising me for my intellect and skills.

    And now I have days where I type the wrong words and go totally blank when troublehshooting with a customer on the phone. I trip over my tongue often and when I'm with my kids I just stop what I'm trying to say and yell "DAMN this sucks"!!!!! My mom and dad are both alive and well and sitting in the other room (yelling and nitpicking *L*). My kids are a joy and I love my grandson. I am happily divorced and far from lonely. So where the heck are MY emotional problems??????

    It is hard enough when you realize things are beginning to slip from your memory without some idiot doctor sending you to a shrink to figure out why! My best idiot doc story was the pain mgmt doc who told me "the most important thing is to stay upbeat and keep a happy face on.....and avoid all narcotics and pain shots". Jerk...... That was definitely money down the drain.

  6. Malcolm82

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    Fortunately mine is not a QUACK like so many are. I was sent to him because prior to being diagnosed with CFIDS when my cognitive abilities were going away, it was causing me severe anxiety.

    He put me on Citalopram (Celexa) and after 2 weeks the anxiety was gone, but the other problems still remained and were getting worse. I was still working at the time and this was putting severe stress on me.

    He then came to the conclusion that my problem was definitely not psychiatric. Eventually he diagnosed me with Narcolepsy. He ended up being wrong about that. I knew that wasn't his specialty but what he said about it made sense, but I decided to get it verified with an overnight sleep study. Sure enough, no sign of Narco. I really couldn't fault him much for that. He was doing his best to help me get an answer and encouraged me to have the sleep study done when I told him that's what I had planned.

    After two sleep centers couldn't find anything wrong and both insisted my problem "has a significant psychiatric component" (psychiatry is not THEIR specialty) my psych insisted that was not the case. The last sleep specialist I saw, who is also a neurologist and an epilepsy expert, suggested my problem was "conversion disorder". This is where you are under some type of tremendous stress that your body can't deal with, so you become sick or disabled in order to escape it, but you don't realize this is happening.
    My psych said about that theory that I did not have the personality traits typical of conversion disorder. Some neurotic behavior is usually present, and I am the complete opposite, very cool headed and analytical. Besides typical conversions usually involve paralysis of some kind. He had never heard of a conversion patient with my symptoms.

    So even though he couldn't successfully diagnose or treat me, he was the only doctor who believed I wasn't crazy until I found my current CFIDS doctor.

    HIS specialty qualified him to determine that.

    They are not all quacks, but I think a lot of them are, based on what I've heard.
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  7. lillieblake

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    I liked what you said: "but who wouldn't be depressed with feeling this way every day of your life???"

    My family practice doc suggested I talk to someone because it is sometimes better than talking to a friend or family member. She didn't indicate she thought I was depressed or crazy. She also is the doc who filled out and signed all my applications for disability from the state and the feds.

    Even though I haven't gone to anyone professional, I do agree with her because my family and friends don't listen to me so my dog gets a whole lot of stories. At least she wags her tail and gives me kisses.

    Love, Lillie
  8. homesheba

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    or cat- whatever you have...
    years ago i had to go to one to be able to get some med.
    ( a long time ago..).this wierdo dr said so or he wouldnt help me...
    when i got there and started talking to him,
    he up and says' i dodnt even know why they sent you here!!' hah ha ha
    that was cool.
    anyway i dont need one cause if i am depressed
    its cause of a chemical imbalance from this stuff. otherwise
    i am not going back to one
    cause that surely would be used against me
    someday- somehow...
    im sure..