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    i just call the lyme office, and spoke to the receptionist, i told her i received a copy of my lyme test, and she told me, the one dr that is here look at my report and said according to igenex and cdc...i don't have lyme...

    soo now what do i do, i still have to talk to my dr. he's on vacation till monday...

    what would you do...im back to square one, i know i need to order transfer factor, for $150.00 to help out with all the viruses that i have.

    so im back on this board.... lyme is a very, very difficult disease after all the reading about it, i wouldnt want lyme...

    i also had about 3 IND's on my report,which i would have prefer being negative..

    i am losing weight, have candida, insomnia, blurred vision, ringing in ear, and besides saying i have chronic fatigue syndrome, someone need to find out what is going on with me. i will not stop until i do find the cause.

    does chronic fatigue case insomnia ..down the line, with ringing in the ear

    do you think i still need lyme treatment.[This Message was Edited on 02/15/2010]
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    I totally understand your frustration at not being well and continuing to get worse. I have had CFS for 19 years as of next month. Sometimes, as hard as this is to do, you just have to make peace with the fact that you have an incurable illness and that there is nothing that any doctor can do for any of us for the time being. That doesn't mean giving up hope as I believe that at some point science will find the answers that we have been looking for.

    I've also had ongoing sinus issues for the past 21 years. After seeing six ENTs (two of them specialists) and having six CT scans, I have had to accept that medicine cannot find any reason for my having chronic sinus infections, and probably never will.

    Believe it or not, once you accept having a chronic illness, and stop fighting it, there is actually a sense of peace. This doesn't mean that you stop researching or trying to get better; just that continually expecting a doctor to find the answers at some point becomes a waste of time.

    This certainly isn't the life I imagined that I would live, however, it could be a lot worse. I have a home to live in, food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, and good friends and family.

    As to your question about lyme treatment - if your tests are showing negative for lyme, then there really isn't any point in being treated for it.

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    The Dr that said that according to the CDC and Igenex you don't have Lyme does not sound like an ILADS trained Lyme literate MD.

    Is he?????????

    Make sure you are seeing a real LLMD....

    What matters most are history and symptoms. Testing is just looking for clues and you have lyme specific bands on your Igenex western blot.

    The "Negative" result just means that according to the CDC's criteria, it is not a reportable result....that's it!!!

    It is a reporting criteria, not a diagnostic criteria....that's very important!!!
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    i think that is what she said....according to dr.m.. but its also written on my report...ill wait to see if my dr say the same think or she just yell that out cause she read it off the paper...