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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bengough, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. bengough

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    I was reading messages posted on January 27 and they've clenched my decision to stop seeing her.

    First issue is that I fly to Houston and take a cab to see her, so every visit costs a bunch. I wouldn't mind the cost, but after initially starting treatment, even in the face of bad numbers, there has been no effort on her part to move forward.

    The last time I was there, I was running a fever and told her that I was having problems with swollen glands and night sweats. She didn't even examine me, and after about 5 minutes it was clear she was trying to get me out of her office. I persisted and she sat down again. I asked her about drugs that might work, and about certain tests that had been developed by a Belgian doctor. In response to the question about drugs, she just shrugged. That's it, no explanation, just a shrug. In response to the test I asked about, she said that it was only experimental and that only one lab in the US did it. Wrong, I know of three or so.

    In the past, I have provided three long distance phone cards so they can return my calls without calling collect at work. They've lost all of them. They've left collect messages with 1-800 Collect which cost a bundle, but there was no message. It takes days to get a response when I have questions. I'm not a demanding patient, so it's not as though I've gone to the well too often.

    The last time I was there, I received two refill prescriptions. Both of them were wrong. The time before that, same thing. Time before that, it took 10 days to get a problem with a prescription cleared up.

    The last call I made three weeks was never answered. I'm so worn down by the illness and the trouble communicating with Salvato's office that I'm done with her. I'm going to talk to my local GP and ask if he will keep me on glutathione/ATP and acyclovir. If not, I'll try to find a rheumtologist who will.

    I'm disappointed in the way things have gone. I had such hope after my first visit. After years of telling doctors that I had an immune system problem, Dr. Salvato agreed and proceeded to prove it. After that initial visit, however, it's been downhill. I'm thankful, too, because my cAMP level went from 3 to 6.7 and NKC count went up to 280.
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    I was never impressed with her...she never gave me a thorough exam. She always seemed as if she was just hurrying to see how many people she could see per day, even if that meant effectually ignoring 90% of what I said.

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    She is not worth paying to fly in to see. I was lucky if I got to spend 10 minutes with her. She just doesn't spend enough time with her patients. She ran a test a couple of years ago for Lyme testing and told me I didn't have lyme so I stored it away. A year later I pulled it back out and looked at it and the test said I should do follow up testing with a Western Blot for a lyme diagnosis. Got the western blot done with Igenex and bingo I find out I've had lyme all these years that was causing my CFS.
    If she would have taken more time to study the test I could have started on my recovery sooner.
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  4. HagerTX

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    Yeah, I just referenced some labwork results from 1999..on my initial appointment she said she wanted to check my NK cells to see if they were low and if so, the glutathione shots would be recommended.

    My NK cells (absolute) were 568 with a range of 70-760. She felt the 568 was high but recommended the shots anyway. I found it odd that she didn't run a CBC or Comp Meta Panel, EBV panel for starters to just check the obvious things. She mentioned at one point that it may be Lyme disease but I had to ask her multiple times to test for it.

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