Dr. Salvato's staff and meaning of blood test.

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    Well I must admit I am finally facing reality about the efficiency of the office. I have placed numerous calls to get some clarifying explanation on my cfs positive blood test and what Cyciclic AMP Plasma means if the results, are 25.45h pmol/mL and the limits are 12-22.0 to which in her recording she said I should and am taking ATP-47 twice a day and will see me when they reach 40 6 weeks from the result. The first visit was expensive I haven't been able to work, for many different reasons including insomnia. You can check out my blog on that. I have left messages, my pharmacist has faxed and left messages, and I even asked and beg that at least Carol call me back. Dr Salvato had given me a flurezam/dalmaine prescription to help me sleep and even though it took a couple of days it finally did give me some relief. Problem his its been well over thirty days and my clock is off again. She struck me as very strong and capable as did her PA Carol and I had a small glimmer of hope to get a bit of relief and stop hurting so much. But after the results Lyme was negative, and if I understand it correct so were my EBV's. If anyone can get any input and can tell me how I can help my husband by getting some help on the cost of labs, meds, relief. I am game, if I am not to painfully tired that is.
    I used to be a very witty, funny, active person until family tragedy in last 4 years and just know got diagnosed with CFS. I had bipolar, delusions I still have vivid memories of from severe sleep deprivation after 2004-2005 hurricanes, I didn't sleep for over a week and almost went over to the other side of sanity. I've had it. I need help from our government and all the taxes I paid in throughout the years. My ex god rest his soul started cheating on me after my third child and left when I was 7 months pregnant.
    I had to quit my job, due to the situation and harm to the baby, I was 6 and went to stand on a welfare line. I stood there for ten minutes and with my toddler and my 12 year old in tow and a huge belly, I went home sold my china cabinet which a neighbor help carry to my driveway. Put a deposit on a small spot on a local indoor farmer's market went to a craft shop bought some poutpourri, glitter, ribbon, carried all my beautiful china and whatever else lace Christmas Dec's and proceed to burn my fingers at first but got the hang of it in order to increase my income I broke a rule but no one ever told on me and since I am also a very experience cook took orders from other vendors for a nice bagel/cream cheese/lox. Or delicious egg sandwiches. Most were happy to pay and never told on me.
    And so my kids had Christmas and also shared with a single mom with two kids who was unemployed and penniless. I raised three children always working and improving my education by research and study on my own. Now I am in pain and exhausted all the time. Help me please I am so new to this I haven't worked in 9 months and it's literally taking away the zest.
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    Go to a really good site such as he Mayo or Hopkins sites and do some research on the norms, what abnormals mean,etc.
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    Here is a website that will help with tests and the reference ranges.


    here's another:



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