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  1. STML

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    Was just wondering if anyone has heard of her? - am sure u have and has anyone been treated by her?

    she is an extremely pro-cfs supporter, and lists on her website the clear differences shes found between m.e. and depression i.e. people with depression get up early, m.e. don't, people with depression feel better after exercise. m.e. don't and discusses many subjects from diet to treatment of magnesium injections, b12 and nebulisers and all the different physical tests shes done on m.e. study (which also help dismiss mental depression as a cause)

    very interesting british doctor, www.sarahmyhill.co.uk - go into fatigue section
    thanks STMLx
  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    There were some posts awhile ago that quoted her and gave her address. She's terrific in my opinion.


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