Dr. says I can't work, what are my SSI chances?

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  1. hea

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    I'm waiting for my SSI hearing. My lawyer sent some forms to my Rheumy to state my abilities and the Rheumy pretty much wrote that I am disabled and cannot work. He is the only one that believes I'm sick. (I have ME/CFS and Fibro) My Primary Dr. most likely told Social Security that I'm fine since he doesn't take me seriously.

    Which one will they listen to? Is one Dr. enough to win my case?

  2. daylight

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    Since he is your Rhuemy yes it is. It is however tricky to get approved with just me/cfs and FMS . Your doctor needs to have a very good explanation as to why he feels you can work and he has to provide them
    with a list of things (in the report) as to what he restricting you to do because of your illness. With SS it's all in the wording.
    Just don't give up . "IF" you get denied appeal it fast (within 60 days).
    SS wants you to give up and return to work. It's their job to find a way to get you back into the workforce. They don't work for us.
    But don't be discouraged there are a lot of people that get approved the first time too. =)

    Specialist hold more weight with SSDI. ALso if your Gp doesn't believe that you are sick ,you might consider another doctor (GP).

    So don't worry it's going to work out.

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  3. hea

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    I would love to have other tests, but I'm not on any insurance at the moment and can only afford to pay to see the Rheumy every 4-6 months.

    If SS wants to have further proof, i hope they will pay for a neuropsych exam. The form filled out by my Rheumy was basically a functional capacity evaluation so that's something.

    My lawyer sent in the request for a court date a few months ago but he said it would be 2 years before we even hear anything from SS. I'll continue to go to the rhemy every few months and continue documenting this disability.

    Thanks for all the input and it's good to hear others won thier case!
  4. sick~kitty

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    But they have specific criteria they need met. In short, they need objective medical evidence that you are sick and evidence (partly from you) as to how that sickness keeps you from working. Of course it's a lot more detailed than that!

    While medical and scientific understanding of CFS is far from complete, there is plenty of evidence around now that wasn't there several years ago. CFS is even a listed impairment for Soc Sec disability now. The folks at the yahoo list Disinissues can give you great advice. I suggest you go to yahoogroups dot com and read the archives of Disinissues - or even subscribe and start reading it every day. If you read there for awhile, you'll have a good handle on what the judge will need to decide your case fairly.

    Edited to add:
    A FCE might or might not be a good idea - I think it depends partly on the skill and knowledge of the person administering it. For instance I was asked how long I could sit up most days. I asked if laying back in a recliner counted and was told to include those hours. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but sitting up is quite different than reclining!

    Like most of us, I would give anything to be able to earn my own living - but since I can't I'm very grateful that SSD has been around for me.
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  5. PVLady

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    If your doctor says you can't work doesn't he put you on temporary disability, then you file for the permanent SSDI. My brother's doctor put him on temporary,then three months later he was approved for the permanent. He actually collected from both the state and federal for 10 months which seems very odd, but I checked and it is correct. If you live in the US and have the "credits" for state disability, you get it no matter what.

    You might check the website called disabilitysecrets.com. My brother studied that site for two weeks before filing and said it really helped him. You defnitely should ask the Rheumatologist to do the forms for the permanent disability. One thing I am pretty sure of, if you have a doctor who does not support your claim, it really hurts your chances.

    My brother's doctor was really supportive and I am sure her notes and documentation helped. You should see the doctor's notes and everything that goes out. Alot of the info is on that website I mentioned.

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