Dr Shepherd -Is morphine resistance more common in those with CFS

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    I find this really interesting. I take very strong morphine pain meds in UK, yet they only mask my pain. I know they would knock others out. Dr Shepherd is carrying out research on abnormal gene expression in those with CFS. Please read what he has to say, get in touch if you have info for him and I'd be interested in anyone else who doesnt feel their morphine based meds are helping like they should.

    From: Dr Charles Shepherd

    Subject: [IMEGA-e] RESEARCH: Is morphine resistance more common in people with ME/CFS?


    Information on possible morphine resistance in ME/CFS required

    I have recently been discussing the cases of a small number of people with ME who form part of the database operated by the UK charity CHROME (Case History Research on ME). This small group of people appear to have a degree of resistance to morphine - a very potent analgesic
    that is occasionally used for the management of severe pain.

    The pharmacology of morphine resistance is interesting in that the drug is broken down by enzymes in the liver into two metabolites known as morphine 3 glucuronide (M3G) and morphine 6 glucuronide (M6G).

    M6G may be even more potent than the parent morphine whereas M3G antagonises the action of morphine and M6G and so is known as an anti-analgesic.

    The individual response to morphine therefore depends on the balance of activity between these two metabolites with an excess of M3G producing varying degrees of morphine resistance or intolerance. This aspect of morphine pharmacology may also help to explain the presence of
    the paradoxical pain that people sometimes experience when given morphine.

    Morphine resistance is very unusual and I have only come across one person with this reaction so far in my whole medical career - that was in hospital practice and did not involve ME/CFS.

    If anyone has further information on possible morphine
    resistance or intolerance in ME/CFS I would be pleased to receive it.

    And if morphine resistance does appear to be more common in people with ME/CFS than the normal population, then this could link in to some of the research work currently being carried out in the UK and USA into abnormal gene expression.

    Dr Charles Shepherd
    Medical Adviser, ME Association.

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    I've only had 2 experiences with morphine. The first was when I had my hysterectomy. The nurses saw that I was in great pain all of the time so besides the regular amount that I was allowed to deliver by pump to myself, they kept coming in and giving me more. I eventually had a seizure.

    I swore off morphine and even had them list that I was allergic to it in my medical file because it scared me so bad.

    Just this past month, the doc wanted to try me on Kadian - 20mg extended release. I didn't find that it helped any at all with the pain and I've discontinued it already.

    I don't think that I really had anything of value to contribute to this thread, but I am interested in seeing if you or anyone else finds anything further on this, so I wanted to mark it so that I could keep up with it. I hope you don't mind.
    Thanks for the info,
  3. Rosiebud

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    of course I dont mind, I do that myself and I'm just glad someone is reading it.

  4. Mikie

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    I have both FMS and CFIDS and was on Morphine before the Guai addressed my pain. It took very little Morphine to help with my pain when I was on it. Also, I did better on the short-acting Morphine because the Kadian knocked me out for 30 hrs.

    Love, Mikie

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