Dr. Spurlock has left the Fibro and Fatigue in Dallas,

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sandyz, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I got a letter in the mail today that said that Dr. Spurlock has left the Fibro and Fatigue Center in Dallas. I was very disappointed because I had been getting treatment with him for about 6 years. I also had recently just started treatment for my son there for low thyroid and adrenine fatigue. I guess we are supposed to go to the other doctor there. Dr. Spurlock was very knowledgeable about these diseases and its a big loss.

    I thought I would post this incase anybody else doctors with him. I don`t know why he left...they just said he left to persue other things. That could mean anything. He was the only doctor I ever saw in my 20 years with Fm that believed in it and understood it. So I am very sad to see him go.
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    They do keep tract of where doctors go, so if you were to write him a letter and send it to the clinic, then it should be passed on to him when he checks back for any mail at the clinic. That way maybe he can suggest a good doctor, or at least give you a brief reason why he left. You can ask him also where he thinks you should continue on with tests and stuff, and what types of therapy and tests.

    Fight :)

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