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    I am usually a "reader" and not a poster, but I have been diagnosed with fibro and osteoarthritis. I am not thrilled with my present rheummy and made an appointment with Dr. Silverman in Los Angeles area. Has anyone had any experience with this particular dr? I work full time in Los Angeles at a law firm and the commute/hours are beginning to really take their toll. I was diagnosed over 2 years ago and really need to work, but finding it harder and harder. I have been in this field for 26 years...it is all I know and I am in fear that I will not be able to continue. I do not take a lot of meds, other than natural stuff, for my symptoms, as I have low med. tolerance.

    I need a dr. who is supportive, thorough and can also be supportive of disability, if it comes to that. Thank you.

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    Our now retired emminent CFS doctor, referred my husband to Dr. Silverman years ago. Dr. Silverman is one of the leading FM doctors. He is an internist and rheumatologist. He is a nationally known teacher and reseacher in fibromyalgia, fatigue, silicone related disorders, and osteoporosis. He is an expert in orthopedic medicine, the treatment of neck and back pain without surgery.

    Dr. Silverman is Professor of Medicine at UCLA. He has served as Chief of Rheumatologhy at Wadsworth VA Hospital and as Director of Inpatient Arthritis Rehabilitation at UCLA. He is the author of numerous original publications, including "Measuring the functional impact of fibromyalgia", and "Using drugs effectively in the treatment of fibromyalgia". Both were printed in the peer reviewed journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine and the last article is included in a handout from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Dr. Silverman is also Director of the Fibromyalgia Rehabilitation program in CA at Cedrar Sinai. He is a member of the Fibromyalgia Task Force and Subcommittee of the Southern CAlifornia Arthritis Foundation. He is also a principal investigator of many important multicenter national studies in both fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

    He is a member of the attendings Staff at Cedars Sinai, St. Johns, Century City and UCLA hospitals.

    Deborah, I just copied the above info from what we have in our files on Dr. Silverman. He will indeed help you with disability, if it comes to that. He is a "heavy hitter" with considerable weight given to his professional opinion in matters of disability approval. You have chosen a good doctor.

    I hope this helps set your mind at ease. If I may venture a personal opinion. In my quest for a better quality of life (I have CFS & Fibromyalgia) and after seeing numerous doctors and researchers in these fields, I started educating myself on "bio-identical hormones". It seems like a lot of people on this website are going to the FFC in Torrance and to their other locations across the country with good results. The draw back...FFC does not take insurance. But after searching under "longevity" doctors, "anti-aging" doctors, "bio-identicals",etc. I have found one that takes insurance. I urge you to check out this option. From what I've learned in my research, EVERYONE, healthy or sick needs bio-identical hormone replacement. There are no side-effects and your levels are brought back to where they were when they were at optimum levels (prob. in your 20's.) I won't go into it anymore, except to say that reg. doctors who check hormones (ie: endocrinologists, etc) Do not test for ALL of the required info. They say if you fall into a certain "range" that your either "okay", or they recommend a synthetic (with poss. bad side effects) hormone which raises you to a certain level....not the specific level that your specific body needs....just to a level that falls within a range. And that range may not be theraputic for you. Please research this option. Bio-identical hormones are all natural....NOT SYNTHETIC!!!! You must see a doctor who specializes in those (if you choose to go this route). I am starting on my first ones in two weeks.

    I hope this helps you.

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    In response to Dolphin...

    Thanks so much for the input on Dr. Silverman. I am looking forward to seeing him based upon your referral and his great credentials.

    Yes, I belive biodentical is the way to go. However, the dr. I am seeing (in Santa Monica), though wonderful, does not accept insurance (initially) and it is a pain to try and get reimbursed from my insurance company after the fact. If you are in this area, would you mind sharing the name of the dr. you are seeing that does handle bioidentical and also accepts insurance. I would truly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much and have a great w/end.
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    the one I am seeing is in Palm Springs. His name is Dr. Neal Rouzier. He is at Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert. His phone #: 760-320-4292. He also has an office under the same name in Palm Desert. Phone #: 760-772-8883.

    His staff is very friendly, and will send you free hormonal information (a very nice, large booklet!), a program fee schedule, etc. Just call and ask. You only need to see him once or twice (I believe. His office can tell you) and have unlimited telephone access to him for 12 months. If you continue to see him after the initial 12 month period, the annual fee is $200 per year for the basic hormone program, including prescription renewal, personal program evaluation and unlimited questions and answers with the doctor.

    Make sure he accepts your particular insurance.

    If this is too far for you to go, look up "bio-identical hormone replacement" near Santa Monica, or where ever you live, on google.

    Another alternative, which is what I did, is to look in your phone book under the Physicians heading, and find "Anti-aging" clinics, "Preventative Medicine" clinics, "Bio-Fitness Medicine", etc. Then start calling and asking if they take your insurance and if the use bio-identical hormones.

    One of my "healthy" friends in MN called her local compounding pharmacy and asked them which doctors were prescribing bio-identical hormones and they faxed her a list of at least 25 doctors in her area! Then she just started calling them until one she found one that accepted her insurance.

    I hope this helps you. How are the current bio-identicals you are on helping you? Have you noticed very much difference? How long have you been on them? As I previously said, I'll be starting mine in about 2 weeks.

    God bless you,

  5. debhig

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    Dolphin-Thank you for the referral. I just called and am now pondering making an appointment. It will be mid-May before I can get it. Apparently, they do not accept insurance at this time and the fee (for first year, not including blood work) is $800.00. This is for initial visit, follow up (for blood results, etc.), and any telephone calls. After that, I believe it goes to $200.00 as you said. I am going to give this some thought and look at my budget. I do not mind the commute out there and it sounds as though the dr. is very open to communication other than office visits.

    As for the biodentical hormones I am taking at this time, (estrogen-drops taken orally) and progesterone (cream-external), I did just complete my first full cycle. I was instructed to take the drops for 2 weeks and then began the progesterone cream on March 1, which I took for 14 days. Apparently, this will create a menstrual cycle as well, though I have been done with that for a couple of years (not to be too personal). I do know that it has totally curbed the horrid hot flashes that I would have all day (and night). I think also that some of my carb craving as dropped. However, I do feel I have bloated a bit and that dismays me. May be unavoidable between the hormones/fibro/arthritis (inflammation). I was always on the thinner side, but since htting 50, taking on the fibro, sitting at a computer 8 hours a day, commuting, no matter what I do, I have about 30 lbs. extra that I cannot make a dent in (I have been sugar free for 3 months). May be a side symptom of menopause as well so I have heard. At times, I believe I could drink water all day, eat nothing and still not lose weight.

    This is probably more info than you wished for. I won't stop the bioidentical, but just need a good dr. who can do some adjusting. In any event, atleast I don't feel that I have aliens in my system, which is the only way I can describe the feeling I had on synthentic hormones.

    Tkae care and have a good day.

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    Here is some more current data on Dr. Silverman, from his website:


    Stuart L. Silverman MD FACP FACR

    Dr Silverman was born in Chicago. He graduated from Princeton University cum laude in biology with an interest in art history. He received his MD from Johns Hopkins in 1973. He was an intern and resident in the Boston University Hospital system and was a rheumatology fellow at Boston University under Dr Alan Cohen. Following his rheumatology fellowship he was a Thorndike research fellow. He is board certified in internal medicine, rheumatology and allergy-immunology.

    Dr Silverman is the author of over 50 original articles, 100 abstracts and 10 book chapters.

    Dr Silverman has served as lecturer in rheumatology at Tufts University, assistant professor at University of Pennsylvania and is currently Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. He has served as acting chief of rheumatology at Greater Los Angeles VA Medical Center where he currently holds a research appointment.

    His clinical practice is based at Cedars-Sinai where he sees rheumatology patients and has a special interest in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, myofascial pain syndromes and osteoporosis. 20% of his time is spent in teaching and research, providing free medical care.

    Dr Silverman is medical director of the OMC Clinical Research Center, a nonprofit public benefit corporation, with the mission of bringing cutting edge research and education to the community. The OMC is currently running over 20 clinical trials for patients with fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, women's health, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The OMC has been the recipient of both federal (NIH) and state grants.

    Dr Silverman has taken a leadership role in clinical research. He has served as President of a clinical research organization and President of a nonprofit research site management organization, Osnet.

    In fibromyalgia, Dr Silverman is the medical director of the Cedars-Sinai Fibromyalgia Rehab Program, which he founded over 10 years ago as one of the first multidisciplinary FM programs based on behavioral principles of self-management. Dr.Silverman has served on the boards of the Fibromyalgia Network, the Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign, the fibromyalgia task force of the Southern California Arthritis Foundation. He has served as medical editor of the medical supplement of Fibromyalgia Aware , a national magazine. He was the director of the first international fibromyalgia conference, FAME in Los Angeles in 2000.

    In osteoporosis, Dr Silverman is currently a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Education Committee, and Network Task Force of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. With Debby Gold and Barbara Miller he wrote Choices, an internationally recognized self-management course in osteoporosis.

    In 1993 Dr Silverman developed the first disease-targeted quality of life questionnaire in osteoporosis, the OPAQ or osteoporosis assessment questionnaire, which has been used in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    Dr Silverman lectures internationally on fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. This last year he has lectured in Spain,Portugal and Lebanon and will be lecturing in Turkey and Switzerland later this year.

    Dr Silverman lives in Pacific Palisades where he is married to a very understanding wife, Ellen, and has two children and a soft-coated wheaten terrier, Waggles.


    Dr. Silverman is currently the "Head of Women's Health" at Cedars-Sinai. He no longer heads the "FM Rehab Program" since he is so busy. His junior partner, Dr. David Silver is the head of that program now.

    Dr. Silverman also done at least one study on Xyrem, and is currently involved in the on-going Multi-center study sponsored by Orphan Pharmaceuticals.

    He carries GREAT weight with disability and worker's comp claims, and knows how to "communicate" with these (mostly) government employees in terms that they cannot argue with. If you need disability, he is one guy who can make the government or insurance companies listen.

    I've been a patient since '93, and I LOVE him!

    Hope this helps,

    julie (is free!)

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