Dr taking me off Serzone & putting me on Cymbalta ~HELP!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tracii, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. tracii

    tracii New Member

    Hey Everybody!

    Sorry I haven't been online as often as usual. I got sick, lost 12 lbs in 3 days, etc.

    Anyway, I hadn't seen my doctor for quite a while & saw him this past Thursday. Apparently my bloodwork is fine & the only course of action he is taking at the moment is weening me off of Serzone then starting me on Cymbalta.

    I have been on Serzone for YEARS & am very afraid of changing this medication as it was the ONLY medication that stablized me ~ hence why I've been on it for so long.

    I had been put on practically every other drug before finding my "lifesaver", Serzone.

    I know nothing about Cymbalta, so if anyone can tell me anything & everything you personally know about it ~ please post!

    Thanks for listening!

    ~Wishing Wellness!~
  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I switched from Effexor to Cymbalta with no problems. Why does your Dr want you to switch?? Maybe the Cymbalta will help you. Good Luck! Lynn
  3. tilla

    tilla New Member

    I used to be on Serzone. I know they started having problems with peoples liver on Serzone and it was suggested that people not take it.

    I don't think you will have any trouble switching to cymbalta. I always take them both for a couple of days and then stop taking the first medication. Serzone isn't one that gives you a lot of trouble coming off of.

    I like cymbalta, it really helps with the pain. You may feel tired at first, but it will get better.

  4. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    why you were on Serzone, but I have painc attacks and I took one Cymbalta and thought I was going to die.

    It induced one big fat panic attack, and I'm not interested in having any panic attacks.
    I've had panic disorder for 14 years, I have not had a bad one for 5 years, then I took 1 stinking Cymbalta and I thought my heart was going to bound out of my chest and my nerves were on fire! Never again.
  5. tracii

    tracii New Member

    Hello Lynn!

    Well, when I called about my lab tests today I was told I was being switched. Apparently the Cymbalta is supposed to help with anxiety + pain.

    We have been discussing reducing & replacing my meds to prepare for a pregnancy. Not NOW though! LOL! Though soon enough to start weening off to "better" medications.

    I haven't gotten a period in almost a year after quitting the BC pill & also have SEVERE constipation. I'm sure these problems are a reason to start switching my meds around also.

    I DO plan on seeing a new shrink soon though so hopefully they can work together on the medications.

    Btw, I've never been on Effexor but I used to know the guy who invented it ~ he used to come in where I worked YEARS ago (right before Effexor went on the market). Morris I beleive his name was. I remember how proud & releived he was. Such a nice man too.

    Sorry about that little story ~ I guess it's not every day you find out you know someone who created such a largely used drug. :)

    Thanks again! Keep the posts coming please! :)

  6. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member

    Lots of threads here about Cymbalta. this summer earlier, Mikie asked for everyone's opinion on it. If you do a search for Cymbalta, I am sure you will be able to find the thread and read many opinions about it.

    Good luck
  7. over50

    over50 New Member

    I was taking it for about a year,and was feeling so tired,bladder infections,couldnt think. Dr checked my enzymes and they were high,I knew something wasnt right with my body.
    A friend said to have him test me for Hepititus C.
    Test was positive.
    My own opinion is that Serzone weakened my liver and allowed the HepC virus to take over.
    I went through treatment,the virus is gone for now.
    But,I went straight into disabling FMS/CFS,with a few other things thrown in.
    I was on Cymbalta and it made my sleepy,so I took at night.It takes about a month to kick in.
    But after several months,I couldnt handle the headaches and the pain relief stopped.But,it was so good to have less pain for awhile.I hope it works out to be a winner for you.
  8. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I tried the Candida diet and it cleared my constipation up. I also am using Dr taietlebaums Fatigued to Fantastic and I think it has helped with it too.

    I have a 31/2 year old and a 19 year old will this be your first child. I feel limited sometimes but I wouldn't trade Grant for anything! Lynn
  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i started taking cymbalta a while ago, i think in janurary, first on 20 mgs, told me take it in the morning, knoced me out about a month, and didn't really feel any relief with anything, then upped to 30 mg, sarted getting some tremors or jerking in arms and hands shoulders, then he upped to 60 mgs. then my legs wouldn't let me stay still at all in bed it increased everything worse. so now he has down to 20 mg. but that dosn't help w/ anything, and i have to add serquel at night. oh and when i started at first i lost weight, i don't know if that was because i came down w/shingles, then pnomunia sp?, then when increase to 60 mgs, the weight cam on again, i'm just sorta lost what i can do now, if the serquel doesn't work then thay said maybe lithium for my mood swings, not bipolar. anyways i was praying that cymbalta would be answer to everything but not. what next?

  10. dunnlb

    dunnlb New Member

    I switched from Serzone to Cymbalta about a year ago. If I remember correctly, I kept on taking Serzone with 30 mg. of Cymbalta. It seems like I had some anxiety at first w/ Cymbalta w/out Serzone. I just kind of did my own thing w/ the two medicines until I was completely on Cymbalta and off Serzone. I now take 60 mg. Cymbalta along with 100 mg. Neurontin 3 times a day.

    I agree about how great Serzone is, but it didn't help with pain. Cymbalta has definitely helped with that.
  11. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I've been on Serzone for at least 10 years & it was the ONLY med that I've been on Serzone for at least 10 years & it was the ONLY med that stabilized my mood. It was my miracle drug.

    I do think I should not completely taper off the Serzone completely before starting the Cymbalta ~ at long as I have no drug interactions. Maybe my doctor doesn’t realize how important the Serzone has been. Hmmm. I’m just about to look for a shrink too ~ I think anyone prescribing meds should be in contact with each other.

    I am worried that the Cymbalta might be too weak or I will “freak out” or something. I can’t have a mushier brain then I have now in my life! Ack!

    Thanks for all of your posts ~ I’d love to hear more.

    ~Wishing Wellness!~
  12. gravitychallenged

    gravitychallenged New Member


    I switched from Prozac (which I'd been on for years and wasn't doing anything for me) to Cymbalta several months ago.I simultaeously decreased the Prozac as I incresed the CYCmbalta.

    I stareted on 20 mg, then went to 30 mg and then to 40mg. At 40mg I had a very bad reactio, becoming extremely anxious and my thinking became confused and a bit irratioonal. When I called my docotro, he knew exaxtly what it was and had me go back to the lower.
  13. Jessa34

    Jessa34 New Member

    I think I took it for about 4-5 months. I think I was on a dose of 60/daily. I was looking forward to trying it since I had heard good things about the pain relief - what happened was actually more muscle restlessness, lots more random twitches with arms and legs even while awake. I tried an increase in dose to see if anything was different but it made me more anxious, which doesn't work when you're trying antidepressants for help with that kind of thing. I lowered the dose then switched back to taking Lexapro again since that kept me less stressed and anxious. Now I'm tapering off of that to try and go a little while to see what symptoms are really nondrug related - I felt like I was having bad side effects.
    Now is a great time to be off meds - I'm supposed to go to Italy for a couple weeks in 2 weeks (how I think I'll be ok for it I have no idea:) , just found out my ex is dating a friend, for the past couple of months and both were afraid to tell me, things are more iffy with my boss at work due to time I'm missing - even though I have FMLA time to take sick days when needed. You can see how the lack of drugs can only help things right now :D
    Anyway, sorry about that tangent - it sounds like if your body will take the Cymbalta then it's a good fix for you,but be prepared & if you notice feeling weird listen to that. Best of luck - I hope you feel better soon.

  14. tracii

    tracii New Member

    I really don't know what my doctor was thinking ~ I really wanted to start going to a shrink before I started weening off my "non~Fibro" related meds. Especially when he has me weening off the Serzone completely before taking the Cymbalta! Ack!

    Though, I have gone 2-3 nights now on the first lowered dosage of Serzone ~ 600 mgs down to 200 mgs a day.

    It certainly is NOT a good time in my life to be "losing it".

    Anyone else that can add something here? Please?

    Thanks again everyone for your help. :)

  15. paulared

    paulared New Member

    a couple months back, I was switched from zoloft to cmbalta.

    It took 2 weeks to wean myself off the zoloft before

    I could start the cymbalta. Those transition days were

    tough. Needed extra support at night. Very hard on me. Day and nite.

    I am, tho, feeling better with cymbalta. Seems to be better
    for me than the zoloft was.

    Do I feel great? No way.

    good luck,

  16. Marikate

    Marikate New Member

    I read an article about Cymbalta and asked my doctor about it. She had just gotten some samples and I was her "guinea pig". It seemed to help the pain although I was nauseous for the first couple weeks. The problem is that my medical insurance will no longer pay for it and it's almost $100.00 for a month's supply. I may have to go back to Lexapro for the depression.

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