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    Dr Teitebaum was on the Dr Oz show today talking about chronic fatigue and using some different products one being D- Ribose and thyroid promblems and other symptoms that go along with chronic fatigue syndrome. I didnt get it all but you probabely could go to his website and view the information. Thought maybe someone else may want to look it up. God Bless
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    Not quite accurate to say that inosine is the active ingredient in ribose. It's the other way round: ribose is a component of inosine.

    Inosine is a purine nucleoside compound containing ribose.

    Inosine is known to raise uric acid levels, which may be helpful to some people but unhelpful to those with a predisposition to gout, kidney disease or predisposition to kidney stones.

    In the US inosine is also available as an OTC supp.

    D-ribose is a sugar. One of the most economical ways to use it is in small doses taken sublingually throughout the day.
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