Dr. Teitelbaum on XMRV, PsychologyToday

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    Like usual, no idea if anyone has posted this before, but I didn't see it, so here it is:


    ---> "I look forward to seeing if antivirals active against XMRV offer additional clinical improvement in CFS. But we choose to not be distracted to reduce our focus to only a single infection type, when there are so many that we can effectively treat to help you get well now."

    I understand what he meant there. But that wasn't quite all the reaction I was hoping for... This isn't EBV, this is a retrovirus. I was hoping for, "This could explain why some people I treat do not get better." I knows it's crazy to expect acknowledgment from someone who claims a 91% success rate, when at the very least 25% of the people with my illness are bedbound (oh yes, much success there!) but still... *sigh*

    ---> "The XMRV research also offers other benefits, such as attracting media attention, and helps make it even clearer how real and devastating CFS is. This may offer a bit more to silence the nitwits who like to claim CFS is all in your mind (though I would not count on it, as they have ignored reams of earlier research showing CFS/FMS to be very real illnesses)."

    Amen to that, pretty sure he's right.

    Take what you want from it, just sharing the article.

    ~ karyn

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