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    I have been sick for over 12 years (sudden onset on vacation) and have spent thousands of dollars trying different treatments--candida, mercury fillings, naturopath etc over the years. None have really helped and I'm quite sure that some made me permanently worse.

    I read Dr Teitelbaum's book, and after reading over 20 books, this one finally felt like it was talking about me. Especially the parts about adrenals affecting blood sugar, as exertion chewing up blood sugar at a totally accelerated rate is one of my problems.

    Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to try his online program. I figure worst case is I have taken a 'step back' and re-evaluated my medical history and symptoms, which may provide a clue or two for my own physician that we have overlooked over the years. I think it will take me over a month of picking away just to fill in the 6 sections of questionnaire, but hopefully it will be worthwhile.

    Has anyone else tried this? Any success? Did you feel better after trying his recommendations? Worse?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. wannabwell

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    If nobody has tried Dr Teitelbaums' online program--I'm still interested to know if anyone out there has a problem with their blood sugar dropping after exertion, or feel their adrenals play a role in their illness.

    Thank you!
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    i have recently had my cortisol levels tested and as expected my levels are very very low, for years i suspected i had adrenal burnout but did not know what to do. my blood sugar also was terrible . the blood sugar problem is begining to improve because i've begun to eat meat and fish, lots of protein instead of lots of carbs. it has really helped. for the adrenals i'm going to take a course of cortisol and herbs which i hope will help. there"s a helpful book called Tired of Being Tired, which is all about adrenal burnout.
    i think getting overtired for years on top of everything else was like the final straw.
    sorry too tired to think and write more just now
  4. Jasmine

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    Hello Wannabewell,
    I had adrenal exhaustion and had my cortisol and DHEA levels tested by my doctor, Dr. Poesnecker, and my test results came out very, very low. I am feeling better after following his protocol based on my adrenal stress index test results.

    Love, Jasmine
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    when I was really ill and finally stopped believing that ordinary doctors would help me, I went online found teitlebaum's website and cheney's stuff, and followed what I could without prescriptions, and yes, within two/three weeks I was noticeably better - far from cured, but clearly better.
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    I have not tried his online program, but have also read his book which has a lot of good points. I happen to be very hypersensitive so I just didn't want to try a lot of different drugs or herbs all at once . . .

    as far as the adrenals . . . I do believe they are involved (possibly by way of a the brain issue -- the hypothalamus produces the neurotransmitters which Dr. Cheney talks about caused the neurotoxicity/seizure state in the brain) and the hypothalamus controls the adrenals & hence blood sugar. I actually have very high cortisol production, but I have insulin resistance & DEFINITE blood sugar problems. When they tried to medicate me for the insulin problem with Glucophage I got really low blood sugars which isn't supposed to happen so I can't take it . . .

    best of luck, please let us know how the program is working for you! Terri
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    Thank you everyone who replied! Susanne & Jasmine--I know everyone is different, but I would be very interested in knowing what drugs/supplements you took that you felt made a difference.

    Thanks again!
  8. Jasmine

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    Dr. Poesnecker made me take an adrenal stress index test and I was in the worst stage of chronic fatigue according to the test results. I was completely bedridden. To increase my very low cortisol level, I take Dr. Baschetti's licorice powder in soy milk first thing in the morning. This increases my very low blood pressure and gives me energy. First thing in the morning I take 50 mg 7-keto (a form of DHEA) and 30 mg Pregnenolone for energy, to increase blood pressure, and for mood improvement. I also take adrenal cortex extract for energy and to rest the adrenals, adrenal cortex fractions, homeopathic growth hormone for sleep, and DMG tablets. I'm also on watercure for low blood pressure and on coral calcium.

    Love, Jasmine