dr. teitlebaum lectured in my town

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    i wasn't very impressed. he used SHIN as an anacronym for sleep,hormones,infection,and nutrition. he mostly talked about his supplements and said he did not take any money from them.if you read the labels they are nothing special. he said the test ranges for infections and hormones were not reliable but did not tell how you should determine what you might need. he said we had basicly "blown a fuse" . this is not a medical term and he did not get any closer to saying exactly what was wrong. he was pretty slick and sounded more motivational than instructional. he did plug the ffc's. i am a bit cynical. maybe some have been helped by him but i didn't get much new out of it.just my 2 cents worth.
  2. Kay31

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    I heard him speak when he came to CT....His book "From Fatigued to Fantastic" was good, but I, too, thought he was slick and more interested in peddling his "wares".
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    I read a piece he wrote once, and as soon as I saw that he claimed to have "overcome" both FMS and CFS in the same year he got them (in a year before they had even been named, if I remember correctly), my red flags went up. Nearly every major researcher agrees that FMS is a permanent, as yet incurable illness that can simply be TREATED.

    I am extremely wary of practitioners who oversell their treatments or make overzealous claims. I like practitioners who are more cautious and back up their claims with sound medical research. I am a big fan of Dr. Daniel Clauw, and am becoming interested in the work of Dr. Patrick Wood.

    Time will tell whose approach bears the most fruit, I suppose. :)