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    Dr. Teitlebaum's End Fatigue websight has a survey on treatments for CFS/FMS (click on "Your Input"). He has categories for many treatments and you can vote for the ones that help you the most, were mildly helpful or no help. You can also look at the results for each category.

    I went through all the categories and the guai treatment seemed to have the most positive responses. Only problem with the survey is, of course, we never know which one will be the one that helps us. Could be one that was least helpful to others. But I thought it was interesting and worth looking at.
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    I'm glad to hear the Guai has been so helpful for so many. It has reversed my FMS symptoms about 80 percent and I have been on it about 2 years.

    I know there have been people for whom it has not been helpful. My specialist has just a few patients who have tried very high doses, checked and rechecked their products for hidden sals, and still they get no benefits from the Guai. He doesn't know why.

    I do think a lot of people try the treatment without having read and understood the book, the protocol, the diet, the need to eliminate the sals, the need to be able to tweak the dosage, and the need for flexibility and patience. There are a lot of docs out there who prescribe it who don't know anything about it. They have just heard that it is good for FMS.

    Love, Mikie
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    The guai has helped a lot of people evidently, glad you were one of them. I'm having these horrible sinus headaches and just bought some OLE. I will see if that helps the sinus problem, and later on try the guai treatment.

    Also, started drinking water and taking the sea salt that has beem recommended here (by Shirl and others ?). Just started doing nasal washes using sea salt - sure helps relieve a stuffy nose.

    Love, Sandy[This Message was Edited on 07/28/2003]