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    I just finished it and while it certainly contained a wealth of information, I found it confusing and at times contradictory. For me, the message was here are 2000 different vitamins, drugs, and herbs that you can try for different aspects of this illness, but it wasn't at all clear to me how one chooses among them, or prioritizes which area should be addressed first. I also find it contradictory the message that one must get off caffeine because of its drug like effects, and yet at the same time be told it is OK to take very serious medications like anti-depressants, some of the stronger anti-fungals, and various other drugs Dr. Teitlebaum apparently prescribes under certain circumstances. Maybe I was just in a bad mood? Was anyone able to get better help from this book, and if so how?
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    All these docs and their treatments can be very confusing. We always say that what works for one may not work for another. That is why in books, the docs offer up suggestions for things which may help. We have to try them ourselves; actually, that's all the docs do anyway when we see them.

    Start with whatever symptom is your worst. Treat that and then move on to whatever symptom is second worst. You may find that there is a synergistic effect when you add things. For instance, people will take the ZMA for better sleep and find it helps with their pain and vice-versa. ZMA will enhance whatever you are already using for pain and/or sleep.

    It's always going to be a trial-and-error approach and we have to give everything time and be patient. I do agree with you that it is rediculous to tell people to stop caffeine and then prescribe heavy-hitter drugs which do the same thing as the caffeine. That said, however, if one is taking heavy-hitter drugs, it's best to get rid of the caffeine. Caffeine, neutrasweet, MSG, and many artificial coloring and preservatives are excitotoxins which can send our brains into a frenzy. I find that by drinking two cups of coffee made with half coffee and half decaf, which equals one caffeinated cup, I am more alert without the nervousness associated with caffeine. This is an example of how we must tailor our own regimens for our individual selves.

    You can go to the Store part of this website and order their catalog. It lists the supplements in order of the symptoms the supplements treat, which makes it extremely user friendly. This may help you decide what to order. I can tell you that some of the most popular supplements here are the magnesium and malic acid combo and the ZMA. I use the ImmunePlex and colostrum to help build my immune system back up.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie