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    I watch Dr titlebaum on DR becker this morning;
    I really was writing down as fast as I could. but I can order that progam off the web so I can go through it again,
    they talked about d-ribose, and mention it was good for heart failure.
    I"ve been doing so much research on it because of my hubbys condition, that when the heart DR comes back from vac, we"ll have alot of question. I just pray that he.s the type of Dr that will not be offended by question.
    My husband just turned 60 and we where looking forward to retirement next year, and I know from what I"ve found on the web, that this cardiomyopathy is a very serious diease.
    after crying till I was wore out (not in front of him)
    I thought God can do what man can not. and we"re going to learn all we can and apply it to this situation.
    So I"ve been praying for wisdom and guidence.
    And I have found out a ton of info on this condition.
    so when I heard Dr titlebaum mention that d-ribose could help the heart, I"m going to see what I can find out on the web.
    I"ve already looked d-ribose on the board so if anyone else has used it then please let me know.
    thanks sixtyslady
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    Have you seen DR.Sinatra on w/Dr.becker?

    He has a good book on their website all about the heart.

    They recommend D-Ribose, magnesium, L-carnitine and CoQ-10 for heart failure.

    Best wishes,


    Pro health has all these supplement's.:)
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    I"ve never seen Dr Sanatra on DR Beckers show but have heard him mention Dr Sanatra,s book I'll check the web and see if I can order it. Thanks so much for the info. Hope I can find something to help my hubby.sixtyslady