Dr. Told Me 50% of FMS'ers Have Sleep Apena

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    As I mentioned in a recent post, I was recently hospitalized for congestive heart failure.

    Over the last 6-8 weeks my feet and legs had started to swell, then my hands started to swell so much that I could not get my rings on. To make a long story short, I decided I had better get it checked out. Went to the ER and was admitted for congestive heart failure.

    They got 12 lbs. of water off me. I could not hear any "rattling" in my chest, but the x-rays showed water in my lungs and an enlarged heart, too.

    I had an echocardiogram and a resting MUGA test on my heart to try to find out what caused the CHF.

    Anyway .... to my subject of this post. The lung specialist that they called in noticed that on all of my illnesses recorded on the chart was Fibromyalgia. He wants to run a sleep study for sleep apena.

    He told me that 50% of people with fibro really have sleep apena and not fibro. He said sleep apena will rob your body of the necessary sleep to restore your muscles; therefore, you wake up tired and stay fatigued all day and the aches and pains are from the no sleep. He said if the sleep apena were treated properly, that the fibro symptoms would disappear. I don't really buy this, but this was his opinion. Has anyone else heard this theory?

    I have had 2 sleep studies years ago. He told me that my sleep apena needed to be treated more agressively in order to improve my health.


    This doctor told me that the right side of SOME PEOPLE'S heart with sleep apena will not pump correctly causing them to swell up all over (like your face, hands, stomach, legs, ankles, and feet). When you swell up all over because the right side of the heart is not pumping right, this puts you in CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, which is life threatening. This is what he thinks happened to me.

    I apologize for taking so many words to get this message across. I just want to alert you to what can happen.

    Right now I sleep with oxygen at night. He said this was not enough. I go for a sleep study on 7/29/03 to see how bad my sleep apena is now and how agressively it has to be treated and hopes this cures my CHF. I am also on 40 mg of Lasix twice a day to keep excess water out of my body.

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    Hi jlh,

    I am one of those persons who was born with all of my internal organs reversed. My heart is on the right side so if what the doctor said is true, then the left side of my heart may not be pumping correctly. I use a cpap when sleeping and my symptoms from fm have not disappeared I have been using the cpap since November of 2002. Please let me know how you make of in your sleep study. I will be praying for you.


    P.S. you can email me at db.rawls@worldnet.att.net
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    I know many people who have sleep apnea. My bro has had it sooo bad for yrs. and travels all over the world work-a-holic, plus always on the go. 60 now no health prob. will not use machine.( Not saying it won`t eventially get to him.). I do worry since I have listened 1st hand.

    The others some use some do not. The ones with fm they have tried everything they were told after sleep study did not help. The majoity I know with apnea are healthy,otherwise.

    Alot of these sleep study doc`s, I question there motives for money. I have not seen anyone truly helped from them who had severe fm. These are stats from clinic that specialized in fm.

    I am not saying it is not helpful to use machines or other methods if you have basically sleep apnea. Just never saw a true fmer cured by any sleep doc. They do make alot not doing a whole lot though, alot off of us.

    We really have to question or ask for tele no.s. These docs that give these stats of cure rate. Doe`s 50% mean he had 2 pts. with fm. I really had it and the other did`nt????

    Now to your congestive heart prob. I would even question if that is the total reason???? Not saying in part there is truth/maybe 50%/lol

    Please take care. My friend with severe fm was recently in hosp. for congestive heart. Doe`s not have apnea though. There can be numerous reasons.


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    the doctors' theory on how sleep apena can make the right side of your heart not pump correctly.

    I also agree that having another sleep study may be all for the $$$$$$$$$$'s it costs. I think the last study I had cost around $1800.

    I don't mind wearing the oxygen at night but I don't think I could handle wearing any of the masks. How do you handle wearing the CPAP mask?

    What kind of surgery is available for sleep apena? Is it a sinus surgery?

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    I use a cpap and I do sleep better. When I sleep. I do better and get more sleep than before cpap. But I still have FM and am having a bad flair now.
    Had 2 studies a week apart. First one I never hit deep sleep stage one time. Next test with cpap on I went to sleep 10 min after putting it on. and sleep almost 8 hrs. straight in deep sleep. My insurance rented machine one month for me and then just bought it for me. Said they were amazed at the difference in collity (sp) of sleep. I love it. Once in a while the mask bothers my teeth, but other than that I don't mind sleeping with it on at all.