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    Dr. Turner is not afraid of new ideas. As he stated, "I sometimes works out of the box". I believe he truely wants to improve the quality of life for his patients.
    When I was seeing Dr. Turner he was using a lot of Guaifenesin treatments. I believe they can help, but I have had 5 ear operations and Guaifenasin caused fluid to build up in my ears,so didn't work for me.
    He teaches you exercises for alinement.
    He also uses topical pain compound ointments, called Turner formulas. They are a compound of Dexamethasone, Cyclobenzapine, Ketamine, Ketoprofen, Bupivicaine & Lidocaine in different combinations. Cost about $76 for 60gm.(At that time) It didn't work for me, but my sister used it on an old shoulder injury and said it worked wonders, she said it was the first time she had been pain free in years.
    He was also starting to use Ozone injections.
    If you live in the area, he's worth checking out.

    limbo & Anyone having more info or comments please add to this.

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