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    This Dr. tried to deny treating me. I broke out in rashes earlier that day and was at his office with the Nurse practitioner, who suspected a chronic problem right from the start. I called the Dr. later that evening crying from pain, he stated that I just wanted pills to get high. when actually I was asking for an anti-inflammatory for the IBS. (I did go the ER later that night.) I felt to humiliated and angry. I need to report him. I went to see a Dr. one week ago, (rheumatologist)who specializes in autoimmune disorders and he diagnosed me with FMS. I haved lived for years in pain and agony on and off. Most doctors in the past pushed me away, stating hypochondria or just wanting pain pills) I feel so glad to finally have someone who knows what he is talking about. I want to report past doctors to the medical board, these guys should be repremanded in some way for mistreating and causing serious emotional damage to the person with an illness.
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    I can empathize. Last month I needed to see dr but had to see physician's assistant. She wanted the dr to come in but he wouldn't - I ended up in the ER that night with major chest pains. (No heart problems tho - just (!) FM pain.

    Sometimes it is so tiring.

    I start with a new dr in a couple of weeks.
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    Welcome to the Board Iggy!

    Don't waste your time, and precious energy, and especially all the stress rehashing the past, doctors. Your reports will unlikely be taken serious, thats a sad fact.
    In order to improve one must remove as much stress as possible from our lives, and find a specialist in FM/CFS, so that treatment can begin.
    If you find your rheumy is not treating the pain, and other symptoms, and has no course of individual treatment for you, find another doctor. Many see D.O.'s (Doctors of Osteopathy) with great success, as they treat with prescription meds, vitamins, supplements, and alternative treatments...it's the best of all worlds.

    It's time to move on, and now that you have a diagnosis, begin doing the positive so that you can feel better. I, too, had to leave all the same baggage in the past, and it has made a great difference. Stress is one of our biggest enemies in these disorders.

    Best wishes,
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    I agree that it is a waste of prescious energy but I also agree with reporting them. My fear is they will cause someone's death due to being incompetant.
    There was a case locally where a lady had died of cancer. Her husband sued. It was found that the Dr. had written cancer phobia on her records !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If possible, and I know it's hard, write your letters based on fact and not emotion. They tend to ignore the "mad" letters more.
    Glad you found a better doc!